by CData Marketing | May 17, 2021

CData Sync 2021 Released

We are excited to announce the latest release of CData Sync, Version 2021. This release builds on the enterprise-class data pipeline features of CData Sync and adds new capabilities to improve performance, scalability, and governance. It comes with tremendous enhancements across the board, including:

  • ELT SQL Transformations to leverage the raw processing power of data warehouses for efficient data transformation
  • SQL Server Change Tracking for incremental SQL Server data replication
  • Oracle Flashback Query for incremental Oracle data replication
  • Load Folder to automate bulk-loading of CSV/TSV and flat-file content
  • User Roles to easily assign user permissions that can access Sync
  • New Destinations including support for Vertica
  • And continuous performance enhancements to deliver the richest data connectivity experience

Build high-performance, high-scale data pipelines to every major data storage destination from hundreds of applications, databases, APIs, and file formats. Simplify and automate your data replications more easily than ever, all while maintaining enterprise-grade security and governance throughout all your data integration processes.

ELT- SQL Transformations

CData Sync V21 incorporates new ELT Transformation functionality across data warehouse and database destinations. Save time and processing during your data replications by pushing data transformations down to the underlying database, e.g. Snowflake. Building on the advancements in modern data warehousing, ELT transformations increase pipeline performance and reliability by pushing critical data processing and normalization tasks to the data lake or data warehouse. Your data teams can organize, analyze, and visualize data without sacrificing data quality or analytical flexibility. Our transformations run in the destination after we load your data, so your raw data is always available alongside your transformed data. If a transformation fails, you never lose data or progress. If your data requirements change, you can even edit your transformations and run them again on your raw data.

SQL Server Change Tracking and Oracle Flashback Query

The latest version of CData Sync now supports new ways to incrementally replicate data from SQL Server and Oracle. SQL Server change tracking and Oracle Flashback Query provide an optimal way for CData Sync to identify updates to data and replicate changes. These capabilities dramatically improve replication performance when using SQL Server or Oracle databases as a data source.

Load Folder for CSV/TSV & Flat-file Replication

New 'load folder' functionality has also been incorporated into the latest release. Now, you can simply set Sync to monitor an entire folder for updates to flat-files inside the folder and incrementally replicate data from these files to a database and table of your choosing.

Role-Based Access Control

Security and access controls are critical to manage the flow of data across your organization. We have extended the latest release of CData Sync with role-based security controls. Now, you can more easily manage granular permissions, enabling you to extend and limit access to data, management functions, and specific tables as needed.

Newly Supported Destination – Vertica

CData Sync now enables data replications to Vertica, including on AWS & Azure. Vertica is a rapidly growing data warehousing platform and a leader among those looking for solutions fully independent from underlying infrastructure. Vertica clients include Cerner, Etsy, Intuit, Uber, and more. You can now easily set up automated, scheduled data replications to Vertica just like you would any other data destination through CData Sync.

Download or Deploy CData Sync 2021

All current subscription customers with an active CData Sync license will be able to upgrade to the latest version of CData Sync. Simply head to https:/// and get the latest release today.

Download Sync 2021