by Jaclyn Wands | February 02, 2024

Announcing the CData Sync Q1 2024 Release

CData Sync Q1 2024 Release

At CData, we continue to evolve to meet the dynamic data integration and management needs of modern businesses. Our CData Sync Q1 2024 release is no exception, bringing exciting new features that further simplify and enhance your data management experience. These updates include:

  • Query Slicer for the Sync API Connector: With an ‘IN’ statement to iterate through a list of available IDs, users can write more efficient and flexible API calls.
  • Salesforce as a destination: As our first reverse ETL destination, users can write data warehouse or analytics information back to Salesforce to keep their CRM data accurate and complete.

We’re excited to delve into the details below. For a comprehensive list of updates and features, please refer to the full release notes.

Release highlights

API Connector Query Slicer

Following the successful introduction of our Rest API Connector, we are proud to announce the addition of the Query Slicer. This feature is a significant leap forward, allowing users to perform more efficient and flexible API calls. No longer limited to specific ID calls, users can now utilize an "IN" statement to iterate through a list of available IDs. This enhancement makes the execution of API Connector calls more dynamic and efficient, saving you time and effort.

Watch this short video to learn how our new API Connector Query Slicer:

Reverse ETL: Salesforce as a destination

Reverse ETL, or the ability to push data from a data warehouse or analytics platform into an operational system, is a critical capability for cloud and hybrid organizations. This release introduces Salesforce as our first reverse ETL destination.

CData Sync now enables users to push data directly into Salesforce. This integration is a game-changer for organizations that rely on Salesforce for customer relationship management and data analysis. By enriching Salesforce with database insights, teams can leverage a more comprehensive data set for decision-making and strategy development. This feature not only enhances the functionality of Salesforce, but also bridges the gap between database intelligence and customer relationship management.

Here’s a short video to showcase our new Salesforce destination:

Explore enhanced capabilities from CData Sync

Interested in experiencing these new features first-hand? Dive into our detailed documentation for an in-depth look at how these enhancements can revolutionize your data integration and management processes.

At CData, we’re committed to continuous innovation. Stay tuned for more updates and breakthroughs from our Sync team, and make sure to visit our Community to join the conversation!

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