by Jaclyn Wands | January 10, 2024

Announcing the CData DBAmp Winter 2024 Release

CData DBAmp

We're excited to share the latest advancements in our product, CData DBAmp. This update is a shining example of our commitment to constant improvement and our passion to support our users. We’ll delve into the details here.

Enhanced OpenQuery performance

In our ongoing effort to refine CData DBAmp, we’ve identified opportunities for improvement in the performance of OpenQuery operations in Version 22. Internal tests showed a slowdown in select and update operations compared to previous versions. Our team optimized the TDS daemon process, focusing on the efficient processing of general SMP request packets and timely notifications of the SMP scheduling thread. This led to a drastic reduction in waiting times and a more responsive handling of cursor commands.

Additionally, we delayed the creation of BatchManager until the cursor closure, significantly reducing unnecessary Salesforce connections during the TDS connection lifecycle. Internal tests showed a remarkable 50% performance improvement in OpenQuery operations. The execution times in SSMS were finely tuned to closely align with the calling method of the Salesforce driver, marking a substantial performance improvement.

This advancement is more than just an enhancement; it underscores our unwavering commitment to deliver a superior user experience. The notable performance improvements of 50% in OpenQuery operations demonstrate our dedication to efficiency and reliability.

Our continuous improvements reflect our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our user community for their insightful feedback and to our team for their exceptional commitment to excellence.

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We invite you to explore the new and improved features of CData DBAmp. Join our CData DBAmp community to share your feedback, gain insights, and learn about new updates as they happen. Your insights and experiences are vital to our ongoing development and success.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Stay tuned for more updates from the DBAmp team.

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