by Jerod Johnson | September 27, 2021

New Workday Connectivity Released

Workday is a cloud-based HR and enterprise planning system designed to help organizations gain insights into their most important asset – their people. Workday enables organizations to dig into operations, evaluate talent trends, support teams with mentoring & learning plants, and understand diversity & inclusion. Many of the world's largest enterprises leverage Workday as a single source of HR truth.

That is why CData is pleased to bring you all-new, comprehensive data connectivity for Workday. Now you can get the most from your Workday investment by accessing your Workday data in all your key reporting, visualization, and data management solutions. Easily analyze Workday data and build intelligent operational processes on that data.

The new CData release provides Workday connectivity across our entire lineup of data connectivity and integration solutions, including:

  • Native Power BI & Tableau connectors
  • Excel Add-Ins for Workday
  • Python-based Workday connectivity for scripting, AI and machine learning
  • Workday Drivers for ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET
  • Embeddable SSIS components to build live Workday flows to SQL Server
  • Rich Workday data replication and warehousing with CData Sync

With CData you can now connect, integrate and automate Workday integration across all of the applications you use across your organization.

Access Workday from Any Analytics Platform, including Power BI, Tableau, and Excel

With the CData Power BI & Tableau connectors and Excel Add-In, you can now extend your favorite data analytics tools with access to real-time Workday data. Install the connectors, enter your access credentials, and access live Workday data.

Download and install our connectors in minutes to try them for yourself:

Further, we provide standards-based Drivers for Workday, enabling you to run queries from any analytics tool. You can build sophisticated reports on live data using SQL – no API knowledge or coding required.

Visualize Live Workday Data in Tableau

Run AI & ML Models and Scripts Against Workday Data Using Python Connectors

CData Python Connectors enable you to seamlessly run scripts, reporting, AI & ML against Workday data from within popular Python-centric platforms. Leverage Alteryx Designer, Petl, Dash, and more.

Check out our Workday Python guides to learn how to:

Download a Free Trial of the Workday Python Connector

Connect Workday to SQL Server with SSIS Components

More than 75 percent of enterprise organizations leverage Microsoft SQL Server in-house. So odds are, your organization has probably already invested significant resources and effort into SQL. Now you can connect your Workday data with your existing SQL Server infrastructure using CData's plug-and-play SSIS Component. No custom code or lengthy setup required. We've already done the hardest work for you.

Try the Workday SSIS Components

Pipeline Workday Data into Your Data Warehouse at scale

Need to build a comprehensive hub for all your enterprise data or enrich Workday data alongside other critical business information?

CData Sync is a powerful, highly versatile, and fully extensible solution for ETL & ELT data integration. Pipe unlimited Workday data into your data warehouse to enable all your existing warehouse-centric integrations and workflows. Unleash your reporting tools, AI, and more against your Workday data.

Try CData Sync for Workday

Explore Workday Connectivity

CData allows you to make the most of Workday. Explore our Workday connectivity solutions and get in touch with the CData team to get a personalized demo and learn how to maximize your investment in Workday.

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