by Haley Burton | March 10, 2022

Data-Driven Success Stories with CData Connect Cloud

CData is powering the next generation of data-driven business. Our newest SaaS offering, CData Connect Cloud, is helping organizations like yours innovate faster with simplified access to data in the cloud.

Connect Cloud enables access to hundreds of cloud applications, databases, APIs and services, all within one cloud-native, no-code interface. Now, organizations can easily integrate and work with their data in real-time to produce comprehensive reports, streamline operations, gain a fuller picture of the customer journey, and more.

In this article, we highlight two organizations who have seen tremendous benefits connecting multiple applications across the cloud with CData Connect Cloud.

MyCoach Sport Saves Time and Manpower on Reporting

MyCoach Sport, a sports technology company based in Nice, France, provides GPS trackers to track performance and training statistics for professional sports organizations. Their data team wades through terabytes of data daily to provide clients and internal stakeholders with valuable, digestible reports in Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio).

"We get a lot of data coming in from a lot of different sources," said Ali Moran, Data Analyst at MyCoach. "We used to have to gather it all manually every week, and it would take multiple people almost a full day just to produce weekly reports. "

MyCoach's main data source, MongoDB, didn't natively integrate with Looker Studio. Rather than work around their siloed data, the data team needed to find a way to directly connect and analyze data from MongoDB, MySQL, and other sources within Looker Studio.

"Our objective was just to gain some time back, so we needed to find something that's easy to work with," said Ali.

Ali and his data team leveraged CData Connect Cloud as their ideal solution to seamlessly bridge their data across their workflows. They were able to quickly set up multiple connections and populate existing Looker Studio reports, ultimately feeding it with real-time data from MongoDB and MySQL. Since Connect Cloud standardizes on SQL, there's no learning curve to get started configuring connections.

"If you can work in SQL, it's really easy to work with Connect Cloud," said Ali.

Now, reporting is instantaneous. Internal and external stakeholders can access up-to-date performance reports, freeing Ali's team to refocus their time on driving innovation - rather than manually compiling data.

Markival Does Away with Custom Coding

Consulting firm Markival provides Oracle NetSuite services to manufacturing and retail companies. Markival's most popular requests include integrating NetSuite with e-commerce tools and analytics platforms in order to build comprehensive business intelligence reports.

After sinking time into custom-coding dozens of integrations for his clients, Markival CEO Bill Quinn reached out to CData to find a simplified connectivity solution.

"CData has the longest track record of success in the space, so I thought it was an obvious choice," said Bill.

Bill tried out multiple integration solutions to connect NetSuite with Power BI. With no other solutions being a perfect fit for his needs, he ultimately leveraged CData Sync as a workaround to pipe his clients' data into Azure before moving it to PowerBI. But it was only a few months later that the CData product team showed Bill a preview of his perfect match: our newest SaaS offering, CData Connect Cloud.

Bill immediately knew this tool was the one for him. CData Connect Cloud not only allowed him to build a NetSuite connection with Power BI for real-time reporting, but it also gave his clients an easy-to-use platform for integrating live data across all their cloud applications.

"It could really be a game changer for my clients," said Bill. "We could use this to bring cloud reporting to our NetSuite clients – and they wouldn't even need somebody like us to do that for them. It's so easy they could set up connections themselves and we could focus on building reports for them."

The first time Bill logged into Connect Cloud, he was impressed with how quickly he was able to create a connection.

"If I had built a connection with an ETL tool it would have taken me twice as long as it did to create one on Connect Cloud. Setting up the connection literally took me three minutes, and that was the first time working in the tool."

One of Markival's clients, an auto parts retailer, particularly benefited from simplified real-time connectivity. In the past, they've had to export their Shopify and NetSuite data and manually combine it in Excel to build reports. Using Connect Cloud, Markival was able to quickly combine their NetSuite and Shopify data into Power BI, giving them the ability to instantly visualize live data from across their organization. No repetitive or manual work, no stale reports, and no headaches.

"Data integration is hard, and it requires a lot of experience to make a solution work," said Bill. "The company that is able to make that process easier and more approachable is going to win the market. CData is doing just that with Connect Cloud. "

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