by David Kleiss | June 04, 2024

CData Joins Snowflake Partner Connect, Simplifying Real-Time Bi-Directional Integration

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CData Connect Cloud, a powerful data connectivity, semantic layer, and data virtualization platform, is now natively accessible from within the Snowflake Data Cloud with just one click through Snowflake Partner Connect.

Snowflake users can now access CData Connect Cloud right from their Snowflake account and begin working with live Snowflake data using the applications and client tools they already use. Users can quickly create an account with a free trial of CData Connect Cloud and automatically configure a Snowflake connection to gain real-time bi-directional data integration from any cloud reporting, analytics, or business tool.

“CData is a proven and reliable Snowflake Data Connectivity Partner with easy-to-use drop-in real-time connectors,” said Calvin Brown, Snowflake Director of Global Alliances. “Now, with CData Connect Cloud on Snowflake Partner Connect, customers can start using their Snowflake data wherever they need it, with nothing to install and without ever needing to replicate, move, or store the data.” 

"As a Premier Snowflake Partner, we're committed to helping Snowflake customers have one-click access to a proven and intuitive cloud-based data integration service,” said Mike Albritton, CData SVP, Cloud. "We look forward to giving our joint customers around the world easier access to their Snowflake data in the tools and applications they love and use every day.”

Automatically connect to CData Connect Cloud from Snowflake in 5 steps


Watch this short video to find out how you can connect to Connect Cloud directly within Snowflake.

  1. In Snowflake, click Data Products -> Partner Connect and search for "CData"
    Snowflake Partner Connect
  2. Review the permissions and click "Connect"
    Snowflake Partner Connect
  3. Click "Activate" to continue the activation
    Snowflake Partner Connect
  4. If you don’t have a CData Connect Cloud account, you will be asked to complete the sign-up process for a free trial.
    Snowflake Partner Connect
  5. Log into your Connect Cloud account and review your automatically configured connection (look for "Snowflake_PC_CDATA_DB" on the "Connections" page)
    Snowflake Partner Connect

Joining Snowflake Partner Connect is the latest milestone in CData’s growing partnership with Snowflake. CData is a long time Premier Snowflake Technology Partner and continues to grow and innovate across their connectivity platform, bringing even more value to Snowflake customers.

CData Connect Cloud features include:

  • Universal connectivity: Connect to hundreds of cloud applications from one cloud-based interface.
  • Standardized access: Provides SQL-based connections, regardless of data structure or type.
  • Self-service BI: No custom coding necessary.
  • Secure access: Enable single sign-on, and secure user-level select, read, write, delete, and export controls with pass-through authentication for every data source.
  • Governability: Track all connections, queries, users, permissions, logs, and account settings in a centralized dashboard.

Learn more about how CData strengthens the Snowflake Data Cloud at Snowflake Summit 2024 in San Fransisco on June 3 - 6. Visit CData at Booth #1109 to see a live demo!

Be sure to stay on top of the latest news and announcements from CData on their Community page and LinkedIn.