by CData Software | October 05, 2022

Snowflake Data in Action with CData

Snowflake is a modern data storage platform that makes mass volumes of data more accessible. However, some business teams need a helping hand getting their preferred data tools and applications to talk with their Snowflake instance. That’s where CData comes in.

Whether you’re moving data to the cloud or modernizing your data ecosystem in Snowflake, CData is here to help. CData delivers self-service data connectivity to help developers and business users alike make the most of Snowflake.

In this article, we’ll explore some examples of how organizations are accomplishing big things with Snowflake leveraging CData connectivity.

1. A Global Bakery Connects Snowflake Data Without Replacing Existing Systems

Any international goods producer and distributor has multiple moving parts that need to be carefully measured for the best outcomes. With over 100,000 employees producing and distributing baked goods across thousands of distribution network routes, one food processing company needed a reliable path for handling all its operations data.

This company had challenges finding a solution to get their Snowflake data working with their existing systems — specifically those hosted in their servers. Without an alternative, connectivity typically either bottlenecks behind extensive IT coding or disrupts operations as cumbersome workarounds and replacement systems get introduced.

With the widest supported interface for Java, the CData JDBC Driver gave the company direct access to Snowflake data in their IBM AIX servers, allowing them to leave their existing operations unchanged and undisturbed. With an intuitive interface and data modeling that’s easy to customize in existing builds, developers spent far less time getting their systems working together. The company was free to leverage Snowflake’s scalable cloud warehousing in all its existing analytics, ETL, and other applications with little disruption to end processes.

2. A Leading IT Security Company Mass Migrates Excel Data

Many organizations are looking to resolve their fragmented data across many physical and digital locations. With data sprawled across over 10,000 Excel spreadsheets, one major IT security company saw a clear advantage in moving this data to a centrally accessible Snowflake cloud repository.

The company wanted to take full control of its migration by using their SSIS environment to consolidate, transform, and expose the Excel data as they choose. Ultimately, they chose to leverage the CData ADO.NET Provider to connect data from their existing SSIS environment into Snowflake.

Once the CData connector eliminated the final integration barrier, the IT security company was free to make the most of their newly integrated Excel data. Unrestricted connectivity allowed them to rapidly create and deploy powerful .NET applications that integrate with Snowflake. With mass amounts of data available in one place, the IT security company has full control to organize and mobilize their information and better protect their customers.

3. A Veterinary Software Provider Unites Global Systems to Create Master Customer Records

Animal healthcare software services can include everything from pet wellness tests and diagnostic applications to agricultural food supply safety measures. One veterinary software and services company was struggling to consolidate their disparate customer data across global locations, product lines, and departments.

To keep their customer base of veterinarians and animal wellness professionals equipped with the right tools for success, the company needed to organize and standardize mass amounts of organizational data to create a single source of truth.

Replicating high volumes of data into Snowflake from ten different systems across 25 departments can grow complex, as barriers to connectivity exhaust IT’s time and resources. For this corporation, CData’s JDBC Drivers minimized integration development time by providing out-of-the-box connections to Snowflake from all their existing source systems.

With CData’s breadth and depth of connectivity, the software provider quickly got their data pipelines running to establish a single repository for all customer data in Snowflake. As a result, they were able to distill fragmented information into master customer records that are shared across their entire organization.

Unleash Your Snowflake Data with CData

Every organization has its own custom blend of applications and systems with unique connectivity needs. Fortunately, CData enables you to tailor any of your existing systems for seamless connectivity to Snowflake and beyond.

CData delivers a specialized roster of data connectors, automated data integration pipelines, and more, enabling you to fill your organization’s connectivity gaps with sized-to-fit solutions.

If you’re interested in more ways CData and Snowflake work together to connect, integrate, and automate your data ecosystem, register for our upcoming webinar today.