by Kim Kaluba | March 09, 2022

Faster Integration Success with CData Connect Cloud

Organizations are adopting SaaS solutions at a rapid speed. In fact, according to Better Cloud, companies are using an average of 110 cloud applications across their organization – an increase of 38% from 2019.

But connecting these applications to realize their full value is often a challenging task. That's why we've built CData Connect Cloud. CData's newest SaaS offering provides frictionless, real-time data connectivity from any data source to any business application – no code necessary.

We designed CData Connect Cloud as a universal data connectivity platform, meaning all of your cloud applications, systems, and platforms can connect with each other within one simple, intuitive interface. Organizational data is available to everyone in real-time, regardless of type, location, or system.

Now, your business can continue innovating in the cloud without worrying about how new technologies will integrate with your data stack.

Ease of Use

CData Connect Cloud has taken the complexity out of connecting to data sources so IT personnel, data analysts, or even line of business employees like Sales Ops, Accounting, or Marketing Ops professionals can build their own connections to the apps and systems that matter to them.

For example, within the easy-to-use, no-code interface, a SalesOps professional can set up connections to their CRM, their operational database, and an Excel spreadsheet to access their combined data in Google Looker. In just minutes, they will be building visual reports for financial leaders using real-time data spread across multiple systems. To see this in action, watch this free webinar.

At CData, we strive for businesses of all sizes to realize the value of real-time data connectivity. We understand organizations need SaaS pricing models to be straightforward and affordable. CData Connect Cloud has a competitive pricing model based on data consumption, data source connections, users, and add-ons within the platform, such as premium connectors, security packages, or virtualization packaging which includes caching, derived views, scheduled queries, and query federation.

Ready to connect your enterprise data with real-time connectivity in the cloud? Take control of your data. Try CData Connect Cloud for free today.