by CData Software | July 14, 2022

Introducing AWS Glue Connectivity in CData Connect Cloud

CData is expanding our Connect Cloud connectivity solutions to include AWS Glue. Our newest connector joins our cloud integration library to add more of your data sources and destinations to your Glue workflows. 

AWS Glue is a popular ETL/ELT solution for data-driven organizations to build data pipelines and driven their business forward. While AWS Glue provides many native integration options, many organizations struggle to connect their entire data ecosystem using out-of-the-box Glue solutions.

Now, CData Connect Cloud is expanding your available Glue data sources and destinations with hundreds of additionally supported integrations with CRMs, ERPs, accounting and marketing platforms, and more.

CData Connect Cloud’s no-code connectivity tools empower your data citizens to connect a multitude of sources and destinations to AWS Glue – no installation, specialized development, or intensive IT involvement necessary. By expanding and simplifying your data connectivity with AWS Glue, Cloud Connect gives you a faster path towards flexible, inclusive data integration pipelines.

Complete Your AWS Glue Data Pipelines

CData Connect Cloud provides hundreds of no-code real-time connectors that enable you to extract data from any application, system, or platform that you need as part of your AWS Glue data pipelines. By fueling your AWS Glue processes with complete data, CData Connect Cloud backs business decisions with concrete insights.

It’s time to break through the cloud data silos that limit your business. With CData Connect Cloud, your teams can make better, more informed decisions by using complete data to craft insightful reports, streamline operations, and communicate more effectively.

“This partnership will enable AWS Glue users to leverage even more applications to power their analytics, automation, and data initiatives,” said Amit Sharma, CData CEO.

Democratize Your Data for AWS Glue

With CData Connect Cloud, your data team can skip the custom development and maintenance cycles previously needed to integrate your disparate data sources with AWS Glue. Instead, take advantage of point-and-click configuration to easily and quickly access, extract, and leverage data from hundreds of data sources with AWS Glue – all within one cloud-based interface.

Your analysts and other data citizens can choose the data source they want to use, link to it in AWS Glue, and start using new data. The result? Simple, frictionless data access for every Glue pipeline without waiting on IT assistance. 

CData Connect Cloud offers Data Connectivity as a Service to let users set up any of hundreds of data connectors in just minutes.

Watch this short demo:

Drive Your Business with AWS Glue and CData Connect Cloud

Effective data integration breaks down barriers to drive your business decisions and operations. With the addition of AWS Glue connectivity, CData Cloud Connect eliminates significant technical barriers around your data.

AWS Glue and CData Connect Cloud now work together to help you accomplish more with your data. For a complete list of data sources and destinations, explore our library of CData Connect Cloud connectors.

To start using new data resources for AWS Glue, begin your CData Connect Cloud free trial today.

Want to learn more and see a live demo for yourself? Be sure to join our live webinar on August 4 at 2pm ET.