by CData Software | November 06, 2023

New CData Connect Cloud GPT-Powered AI Generator Transforms Conversational Queries into SQL Insights

It’s not just a trend – artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of data management. Today, we proudly introduce a groundbreaking addition to CData Connect Cloud: The GPT-powered AI Generator.

This transformative Text-to-SQL feature revolutionizes how users interact with their data, effortlessly converting everyday language into dynamic SQL queries spanning multiple data sources.

The fusion of AI and data

At the heart of the GPT-powered AI Generator lies the synergy between the powerful GPT model and advanced machine learning (ML). This innovative feature allows Connect Cloud to decode language naturally, comprehend nuances, and translate them into SQL queries seamlessly navigating through diverse data sources. The convergence of AI and ML technologies within the cloud-based data virtualization tool eliminates the need for intricate technical knowledge, simplifying and streamlining data connectivity across your organization.

Powered by GPT and AI

The AI Generator is underpinned by the intricate machinery of the GPT model. By employing Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, GPT deciphers user inquiries, while the ML backbone interprets context and translates these queries into SQL commands that gracefully navigate through varied data sources. The complexity is masked, ensuring users with varying technical backgrounds can enjoy a frictionless experience.

Insights made easy

Connect Cloud AI Generator's allure stems from its intuitive, user-centered design. The days of grappling with complex SQL queries are over. Imagine a business user asking, "Find me the highest growth customers compared to the same period last year." AI Generator springs into action, translating the question into SQL instructions that tap into diverse sources, apply time-based filters, and present insights.

Historically, meaningful data analysis demanded technical prowess. AI Generator disrupts this norm, democratizing data insights for non-technical users with innovative Text-to-SQL. This shift empowers business professionals and catalyzes data-driven decisions, propelling organizations toward success.

Elevate collaboration and decision-making

The introduction of the Connect Cloud AI Generator allows for improved collaboration and decision-making within organizations. Cross-functional teams are now able to seamlessly communicate and execute on their data requirements, reducing reliance on technical experts. This streamlined exchange accelerates informed decisions, nurturing innovation and propelling business growth.

Security and privacy

As with all enterprise data, security and privacy are top-of-mind. The Connect Cloud AI Generator operates within CData’s existing security infrastructure. Metadata is passed to the AI Generator but the actual data is not. Rigorous user authentication, robust data encryption, and granular access controls ensure sensitive data remains shielded and compliant with stringent regulations.

The GPT-powered Connect Cloud AI Generator, fusing everyday language with Text-to-SQL insights across diverse data sources, signifies a watershed moment in data analysis and data virtualization for the cloud. As this technology evolves, we anticipate even more advanced capabilities redefining data retrieval and analysis.

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