by Jerod Johnson | April 04, 2017

React & D3.js + API Server: Dynamic Data Apps

The CData API Server provides users with a quick and easy way to create uniform APIs from any of the 80+ supported RDBMS, NoSQL, and SaaS data sources. Since many popular JavaScript frameworks (like React and D3) are capable of consuming OData, you can easily pair them with the API Server to rapidly build dynamic Web apps.

Our team has just released two new KB articles (with source) that demonstrate this. Developers can pair popular JavaScript frameworks with the API Server to create Web apps with a complete database back-end, without having to write server-side code. The API Server exposes tables through OData/JSON interfaces and the React and D3.js libraries directly consume those services.

The samples are configured to connect with an included SQLite database, however the API Server can be configured to connect to virtually any supported data source:

The API Server is currently available for Windows, Mac, and Linux/Unix. Download the API Server and start building dynamic data-driven Web and mobile apps! As always, our world-class support team is here to help. If you have any questions about the API Server, or the JavaScript samples, please let us know.