by Eric Madariaga | October 24, 2017

SlicingDice Chooses CData for Custom Driver Development

SlicingDice chooses CData Software to build standards-based drivers for ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET with their Serverless Data Warehousing platform.

SlicingDice is a serverless Data Warehouse and Database as a Service optimized for analytics related jobs and time-series data. To maximize adoption their customers needed a frictionless way to connect SlicingDice with their legacy back-end systems and modern BI, ETL, and reporting tools. Standards-based drivers like ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET provide a ubiquitous bridge between these applications and data.

"Offering industry standard drivers for our platform is a no-brainer. Drivers drastically reduce integration complexity for our customers and drive down TCO by enabling self-service reporting and analytics from external applications." said SlicingDice CEO, Gabriel Menegat.

The SlicingDice team evaluated several options when deciding how to bring their drivers to market including in-house development with the Magnitude/Simba SDK and with Apache Calcite. Ultimately, SlicingDice chose CData Software to build and maintain custom drivers for the SlicingDice Data Warehouse:

"Working with CData far exceeded our expectations. Partnering with leading NoSQL experts was the best way to ensure the delivery of robust enterprise-class drivers that would meet and exceed the rigorous performance expectations of our customers. They enabled us to bring a full-stack solution to market faster, and with far less execution risk, than had we tried to develop drivers internally or through another provider. "

-- Gabriel Menegat, CEO, SlicingDice

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