Salesforce Lightning Connect

API Server Technology


Connect Salesforce & Apps with live external data.

Our API Server is the fastest way to connect to real-time data from over 200+ applications, databases, and Web APIs from Salesforce1 and applications.

  • The new Lightning Connect feature in Salesforce1 enables direct connectivity
    to our API Server through OData.
  • Direct connectivity between Salesforce 1 & your data (no middle-man).
  • Optimized for real-time data access.
  • Connect Salesforce with over 200+ applications, databases, and Web APIs.

Just Getting Started with Lightning Connect?
See how easy it is to expose your back-office data to Salesforce 1:

Access real-time NetSuite data from Salesforce using the NetSuite OData Connector.

The connectivity you need to power your Web, Mobile, and Enterprise Apps

Connect Salesforce to external data in minutes

Salesforce1 provides users with a feature-rich platform for building apps, integrating data, and automating business processes. To take full advantage of the Salesforce1 platform, our API Server offers a straightforward way to connect Salesforce1 with live data from a wide range of back-office data including on-premise and cloud databases, ERP systems, accounting, and more.

Our API Server create OData entry-points for your back-end data, allowing your Salesforce1 applications to access back office data in real-time.

Real-Time Integration

Connect to live back-office data. No ETL required.

Building applications on Salesforce 1 with real-time data connectivity has never been easier thanks to our API Server. Our API Server seamlessly translates OData requests from Salesforce 1 into various database, API, or Web service calls to back-end systems. The resulting data is then mapped and returned to Salesforce as a set of simple data tables. This allows users to build Salesforce applications faster, easily navigating back-end data through familiar relational database interfaces.

3-Steps to Live Data Connectivity

Connecting Salesforce 1 to back-office data is simple:


Download and install a free trial of the API Server - available for more than 200+ databases, applications, and Web APIs.


Configure the API Server OData entry-point and define the external data source within Salesforce Lighting Connect.


Connect to real-time data from any supported back-office system, directly from Salesforce 1 cloud applications.

As an on-premise solution, you have complete control over access to your back-end data. You never have to expose your data to the risks / complications inherent with a hosted solution. The API Server gives you an easy, fast, and effective way to connect Salesforce 1 to your back-end data.

Connect to Data from Modern Databases and SaaS Sources

The API Server allows you to connect Salesforce & apps with
live data from more than a dozen popular relational and NoSQL databases,
as well as 200+ cloud-based and on-premises services and applications.


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