by Alex Pauncz | January 28, 2021

CData Launches New Applications on the Oracle Cloud

Organizations, public and private, find themselves in a race to transform disparate enterprise processes into intelligent, data-driven operations and create seamless, end-to-end customer experiences. Data sits at the center of every transformation, and unifying that data presents one of the most significant challenges along the way.

At CData Software, we pride ourselves on providing solutions to that problem. We are pleased to announce two of our popular enterprise data connectivity offerings are now available on the Oracle OCI platform and for purchase as part of Oracle Infrastructure billing.

You can run enterprise applications in a secure cloud environment, store data in Oracle databases, and simplify data connectivity & integration between Oracle applications and the SaaS, NoSQL, and Big Data sources that power your operations.

Through the latest releases, enterprises can purchase and run CData Sync, CData API Server, other CData connectivity solutions entirely from within the Oracle Cloud.

CData Sync

CData Sync is a robust ETL/ELT data pipeline that enables anyone to create automated data replications in seconds. Sync provides simple, point-and-click configuration, supports petabyte-scale data movements, and offers efficient incremental replication to any database or data warehouse.

Connect data from 200+ enterprise SaaS applications, services, and analytics platforms to 30+ databases, warehouses, and lakes, from Oracle Cloud Database to SQL Server, MySQL, Snowflake, and Redshift to every other data platform of consequence.

To run CData Sync on Oracle OCI, simply request a free trial of Sync or contact the CData Support Team with any questions.

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CData API Server

CData API Server enables you to create APIs from any database instantly. Turn your enterprise data stored across dozens of databases into standard APIs you can query for custom solutions development

Hook up any SQL or NoSQL database, and the API Server instantly generates flexible, comprehensive, and fully documented APIs. Expose entry-points for popular formats like OData, REST, JSON, SOAP, and CSV/TSV. Even simplify API management with built-in monitoring, logging, rate-limiting, and more.

To run CData API Server on Oracle infrastructure, simply request a free trial of API Server or contact the CData Support Team with any questions.

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Explore CData Sync, CData API Server, and various CData Connectors for Oracle cloud applications on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.