Extend Integration Tools With New Data Connectivity

Standards-based drivers and adapters provide drop-in extensibility for common integration platforms, expanding data access for any integration platform.

Make The Most of Your Integration Tools

Data connectivity is a critical first step in integration. Without connectivity, integration tooling is unable to operate on the systems that power your business. CData Drivers and Adapters extend popular iPaaS and integration tooling like Scribe, Boomi, Informatica, Mule, and BizTalk with powerful drop-in connectivity to hundreds of SaaS, NoSQL, and Big Data sources, instantly connecting them with any data, anywhere.

Enterprise-Class Design

Built with the same reliability, scalability, performance & security powering leading data integration solutions.

Data-Centric Architecture

A robust SQL-engine simplifies data movement & processing from cloud apps, NoSQL, files & more.

Unmatched Performance

Optimized performance down to the socket level; our drivers offer unmatched performance.

Enterprise-Class Security

Advanced Security and Authentication. Secure TLS / SSL data encryption.

Solving Data Fragmentation Challenges for Enterprise IT

The shift to SaaS, hybrid-cloud, and multi-cloud environments is creating a massive data fragmentation problem for Enterprise IT. Unlocking value from data is critical to the success of modern business; yet, as organizations shift more of their infrastructure to cloud technologies, data has become more decentralized and far more difficult to leverage as a strategic asset.

CData Drivers solve these connectivity issues by providing seamless access to data through commonly supported connectivity standards like ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET. Our drivers abstract all the complexity of integration, making it as easy to connect to any of the hundreds of supported data sources as it is to connect with a typical RDBMS database like SQL Server or MySQL.

Connecting Integration Tools with Data

From drivers and adapters that extend your favorite integration tools with data connectivity to cloud services and iPaaS connectivity: our drivers and adapters provide robust, reliable, and secure data movement.

CData Drivers seamlessly integrate with any data management or integration tool through simple interfaces like ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, and OData, or through powerful data-centric adapters for applications like Microsoft BizTalk and Mule.

Popular ETL &l Data Warehousing Integrations

Amazon Redshift: Automated Continuous Data Replication to Amazon Redshift Amazon S3: Automated Continuous Data Replication to Amazon S3 Apache Camel: Integrate with Data using Apache Camel Apache Cassandra: Automated Continuous Data Replication to Apache Cassandra Apache NiFi: Bridge Data Connectivity with Apache NiFi AWS Glue: Connect to Data in AWS Glue Jobs Using JDBC BIML: Use Biml to Build SSIS Tasks to Replicate Data to SQL Server CloverDX: Connect to Data in CloverDX (formerly CloverETL) CSV: Automated Continuous Data Replication to Local Delimited Files IBM DB2: Automated Continuous Data Replication to IBM DB2 FoxPro: Work with Data in FoxPro Google BigQuery: Automated Continuous Data Replication to Google BigQuery Google Cloud SQL: Automated Continuous Data Replication to Google Cloud SQL Google Data Fusion: Build Data-Connected ETL Processes in Google Data Fusion Heroku / Salesforce Connect: Replicate Data for Use in Salesforce Connect HULFT Integrate: Connect to Data in HULFT Integrate Informatica Cloud: Integrate Data in Your Informatica Cloud Instance Informatica PowerCenter: Create Informatica Mappings From/To a JDBC Data Source for Data Jaspersoft ETL: Connect to Data in Jaspersoft Studio Microsoft Access: Automated Continuous Data Replication to Microsoft Access Microsoft Azure Tables: Automated Continuous Data Replication to Azure SQL Microsoft Excel: Transfer Data from Excel to Data MongoDB: Automated Continuous Data Replication to MongoDB MySQL: Automated Continuous Data Replication to MySQL Oracle Data Integrator: ETL Data in Oracle Data Integrator Oracle Database: Automated Continuous Data Replication to Oracle petl: Extract, Transform, and Load Data in Python PostgreSQL: Automated Continuous Data Replication to PostgreSQL Replicate to CSV: Replicate Data to MySQL with PowerShell Snowflake: Automated Continuous Data Replication to Snowflake SQL Server: Automated Continuous Data Replication to SQL Server SQLite: Automated Continuous Data Replication to SQLite Talend: Connect to Data and Transfer Data in Talend UiPath Studio: Create an RPA Flow that Connects to Data in UiPath Studio

Drivers and Data Integration

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