Natural language AI platform, Aris extends data connectivity with CData and the power of SQL abstraction.

Meet Aris: Your Personal AI Analyst works right at the precipice of artificial intelligence (AI) transformation, building AI tools that drive deep business analysis and instant data access. Their flagship product, Aris, short for "Aristotle," isn't just another analytics tool, it's the next-gen business analyst sitting in your office.

Similar to Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa, Aris includes an instant messaging interface that instantly provides business analytics, 24/7/365, in natural language. Aris allows you to have a conversation with your data and offers flexible answers via email, charts, graphs and voice commands. With Aris, you are now able to speak with a business analyst via AI, from the convenience of common business tools, such as Facebook Messenger, Skype and Slack. Verbally ask or type a question, and he replies directly to you with answers from deep, on-demand analytics — no messy dashboard, time-consuming searching or extra screens are required. Unlike a human analyst, Aris doesn't require food or sleep; Aris is always on and ready to feed you the data you need. Even if you need to ask 100 questions at a time, Aris is able to provide the metrics you need to fulfill your tasks efficiently and effectively.

Delivering useful answers to complex business queries requires one of the world's fastest, most powerful data connectivity engines. And Aris runs CData's high-performance drivers under the hood.

"Aristotle is at the forefront of artificial intelligence, with capabilities that will impact the way organizations gather and use critical data. Mapping natural language queries to SQL highlights the transformative power of a SQL data abstraction, as it would be nearly impossible to map these dynamic queries to SaaS data any other way. With built-in drivers connecting Aristotle to all CData-supported sources, the possibilities are limitless."

— Eric Madariaga, Chief Marketing Officer, CData Software*

The Challenge: Ingesting Data without Standards

Aris functions as a high-powered, natural language chatbot, but behind the smooth chat interface, Aris' capabilities are much greater. Aris translates natural language questions into SQL queries, then runs those queries across a variety of business data sources to find usable answers and then translates them back into natural language chats. Traditionally, it would take a seasoned and highly skilled data analyst with deep SQL knowledge to generate these queries and answers — this takes time and cost many companies simply can't afford.

Aris' business value is off the charts, delivering easy-to-use, precise data the instant it is requested for businesses often devoid of SQL expertise. The more data sources Aris can query, the more questions he can answer. So data connectivity to a wide range of sources forms the core of Aris' business value. built Aris on top of data warehouses, such as Amazon Redshift, Oracle and PostgreSQL.

"That's what we're natively familiar with, we have our own drivers for that," says Adrien Schmidt, Co-Founder and CEO of "But then we found we have the need to connect to API sources and other sources, particularly Salesforce."

In researching solutions, discovered the CData Salesforce driver.

"We showed it to Salesforce, and they loved it."

After enjoying customer success with the Salesforce integration, sought to add more popular data sources.

The challenge? Enterprise data exists across a fractured ecosystem of disparate tools, standards and APIs. And that data diffusion creates the single greatest challenge of building an AI engine like Aris — sourcing data in a standard way that allows the AI to digest and convert data into natural language answers.

Enter the entire suite of 120+ CData Drivers.

The Solution: A Standards-Based Approach

While the challenge of data diffusion across disparate sources and APIs is a relatively recent phenomenon, databases have silently chugged along for decades in the background of the world's biggest tools. Widely accepted standards, such as JDBC and ODBC, have long served as the methods of choice to interact with those databases in real time, regardless of their makeup — SQL, NoSQL and otherwise.

CData provides standards-based drivers, such as ODBC and JDBC drivers, that allow analytics, BI and ETL tools to view and access data as a database from within 120+ different data sources.

The standards-based drivers translate SQL queries from business analysts like Aris into API calls that pull in exactly the desired data from the underlying data source. Then, the drivers translate the data from the API back into an analyst-friendly SQL format. In the case of Aris, the AI analyst then takes it a step further, translating SQL into natural language text and displaying it in a human-friendly chat interface.

"It really removes a hurdle to be able to integrate directly with operational systems, rather than building a separate warehouse," says Schmidt. "Aris makes it easy for the end users. With CData, we can also make it easy for our customers' IT teams to roll out."

Add CData drivers to a hard-working AI business analyst who never takes a break, and voila. Instant, data-driven answers to specific questions — available 24/7. Including holidays and weekends.

The Results: Making AI Possible

Driven by the vision to create a world where applications accommodate human languages, built Aris to provide businesses with natural language answers to complex business questions.

After giving CData drivers a test run with a Salesforce Einstein Analytics connector as a proof of concept, experienced not only exceptional performance, but also quality support.

"We have had some questions that the CData support team has answered in a very timely and professional manner, so that led us to think we found a very reliable, efficient, friendly partner to roll out all sorts of other data sources." says Schmidt.

Ultimately, saw a strong opportunity and felt comfortable entering a full partnership with CData. To answer as many questions as possible, had CData Software embed blazing fast connectivity through built-in drivers for the full range of our supported data sources. With CData drivers under the hood, Aris can now talk to more than 120 data sources and answer exponentially more questions — in milliseconds.

And CData's standards-based approach makes it all possible.

"It's really a great partnership and a great solution for a strong need to be able to leverage these technologies, and we really look forward to working with CData to build new connectors," says Schmidt. "Aris is really aligned with the vision of seeing the world as a database, and that vision helps Aris a lot. There's a whole new category of products and use cases that don't even exist yet today that we can solve with our partnership."

Bonus Round: What 'Aris in Real Life' Looks Like

Aris is a kind of entry point, a friendly gateway to operational systems. Let's take the example of a sales team managing an industry-targeted sales campaign. Like any sales manager, our hypothetical friend wants to track results and top sales performers. Instead of manually navigating through Salesforce dashboards and reports, our friend here could simply speak directly to Aris and ask:

"Who was my top performing sales rep by average sales amount in the banking industry last quarter?"

Aris then turns that question into a SQL query. And that's where CData comes in. An embedded CData JDBC driver turns the SQL query into a complex SAQL API query that tells Salesforce to provide exactly the requested data. Then, the CData driver turns the answer from Salesforce into a SQL query that Aris can change into a natural language answer.

In seconds, our friendly, neighborhood sales manager knows exactly who brought home the bacon from the financial industry last quarter.

For another example, let's imagine our sales manager asks: "What is the WinRate for all Opportunities by industry?" Here's what that would actually look like when executed:

Connectivity is our Core: Any source, Any technology, Any platform.

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