Excel Add-In Subscriptions

The CData Excel Subscription gives you comprehensive access to all CData Excel Add-Ins, giving users unprecedented read-write access to Applications, Databases, and Web APIs directly from Excel Worksheets.

  • Comprehensive access to all CData Excel Add-Ins.
  • One year of free updates, upgrades, new releases, and support.
  • Per-user licensing. A single user can use the Excel Add-Ins on more than one machine.
  • Enterprise and Professional subscription options.

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Professional & Enterprise Subscriptions

Find the Right Subscription for You

Our Excel Add-In Subscriptions are available in two packages: Professional and Enterprise. The subscriptions are virtually identical except for data source coverage.

Our value-packed Professional Subscriptions offer essential data connectivity to many popular Applications, Databases, and APIs with a minimal investment. The Enterprise Subscriptions include all of the data sources in the Professional Subscription, plus additional Add-Ins supporting a wide range of Enterprise applications.

Included Data Sources:

Connecting Excel to data has never been easier

Our Excel Subscriptions give Excel users unlimited access to real-time data from an extensive list of applications, databases, and SaaS sources. From Big Data & NoSQL databases, to CRM, ERP, and Accounting systems, our Excel Add-Ins offer unprecedented connectivity from the worlds most popular data tool, Microsoft Excel.

Benefits Include:

  • New products released during your subscription.
  • Product updates and upgrades released during your subscription term.
  • A single product key and renewal date for simplified subscription management.
  • Dedicated support services for the full duration of your subscription term.

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An Easier, Better, Faster Way to connect to live data.

  Enterprise Excel Add-In Subscription


The best way to buy! A comprehensive Microsoft Office-style subscription with unlimited access to data.
  • Comprehensive access to virtually all Excel Add-Ins.
  • User-based license allows usage from multiple machines.
  • Free ongoing updates, upgrades, new releases while subscription remains current.
$ 499 00 yr

  Professional Excel Add-In Subscription


Virtually identical to the Enterprise Subscription, with a subset of available data sources.
  • Access to an extensive collection of Excel Add-Ins.
  • User-based license allows usage from multiple machines.
  • Free ongoing updates, upgrades, new releases while subscription remains current.
$ 299 00 yr

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about Excel Add-In Subscriptions

 How are the Excel Add-In Subscriptions licensed?

The CData Excel-Subscriptions are licensed per Excel user. This means that you can use the Excel Add-Ins on your home machine, your work machine, a laptop, or anywhere else. A license must be purchased for every unique user that uses any of the Excel Add-Ins included in the Excel Subscription.

 There are multiple products in the subscription. Can I give some of them to another end user?

Everyone who uses products within a subscription must have a subscription license. Contents cannot be shared with non-subscribers.

 Do I have to renew my subscription service to keep working with the software license?

Yes. At the end of the subscription term users should renew their subscription or cease to use any of the products included with the Subscription. If you need access to the latest release, or need technical support services, you should consider renewing your subscription.

 Can you add new seats to a subscription contract?

Absolutely. New licenses or additional seats may be added at any time.

 What technical support options are available?

Each of our licenses includes the first year of subscription service. The subscription includes unlimited Email-based technical support, access to our knowledgebase, online documentation, and access to all minor and major releases for a period of 12 months.