Excel Add-In for Amazon Marketplace

Query Amazon Marketplace data from Excel

The Amazon Marketplace Excel Add-In is a powerful tool that allows you to connect with live Amazon Marketplace data, directly from Microsoft Excel. Use Excel to access live Amazon Marketplace data like InventoryItems, Orders, Products, etc. Perfect for mass exports, Excel based data analysis, and more!

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CData Excel Add-In for Amazon Marketplace
 Included in Excel Add-In Subscriptions: 125+ Excel data access Add-Ins.

Your Amazon Marketplace Data, Your Way!

The Excel Add-In for Amazon Marketplace provides the easiest way to connect with Amazon Marketplace data. Users simply supply their credentials via the connection wizard to create a connection and can immediately begin working with live Amazon Marketplace tables of data. The Excel Add-In is completely self-contained; no additional software installation is required.

Direct Access To Live Amazon Marketplace Data From Excel

The Excel Add-In for Amazon Marketplace is integrated with the Excel toolbar and ribbon, providing direct access to live data with a single click.

Easy-To-Use, Straightforward Configuration:

  1. Install the Add-In
  2. Login with User & Password
  3. Select Tables

Installing any of the Excel Add-Ins creates a new CData data access toolbar in Excel that users can access to connect to remote data. From the Excel toolbar, users can select any of the installed CData Add-Ins to configure a connection.

Select Tables and Columns

Once the data connection is configured, just specify the table and the Excel Add-In will populate a new Excel sheet with live Amazon Marketplace Data.

Amazon Marketplace Data With The Full Power of Excel

Perfect for mass imports / exports / updates, data cleansing & de-duplication, Excel based data analysis, and more!

  • Quickly export and backup data.
  • Operate on data with Charts and Pivot Tables.