by Jerod Johnson | June 14, 2017

Building Data-Driven Apps with Ruby

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Ruby provides natural (but complex) development features in a free, flexible platform for creating expressive Web applications. Our ODBC drivers offer simplified access to your data, allowing you to write SQL-92 queries to work with data from any of the 80+ supported sources. By utilizing the ruby-dbi, dbd-odbc, and ruby-odbc gems alongside our standards-based drivers, you can easily integrate your data, no matter where it is found, into Ruby applications.

ODBC Access from Ruby

To work with your data in Ruby, simply configure a DSN and execute SQL-92 queries just like any other ODBC data source. We have a Knowledge Base article that shows how to create a simple Ruby application for working with Dynamics CRM data (see the code snippet below), but the principles can be applied to any of the 80+ Big Data, NoSQL, and SaaS sources that we support.

Executing a SQL Query in Ruby

#execute a SELECT query and store the result set
resultSet = cnxn.execute("SELECT Contact.FirstName, SUM(Account.NumberOfEmployees) FROM Contact, Account GROUP BY Contact.FirstName")

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