by Haley Burton | December 16, 2021

CData Connect Named a Trend-Setting Product for 2022

CData Software is proud to announce that CData Connect Cloud, our cloud-native universal data platform, has been named as a Database Trends & Applications (DBTA) Trend-Setting Product for 2022.

DBTA magazine specializes in data and information management, big data, and data science. The publication delivers advanced news, trends, and analysis to aid and inform IT and business stakeholders managing complex data environments.

Joyce Wells of DBTA writes:

The importance of leveraging data quickly and effectively is a message that has come through loud and clear in recent years-and with increasing intensity since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The world has changed, and with it, enterprise data requirements have as well, as confirmed by research reports issued over the past year by Unisphere Research, a division of Information Today, Inc. Having the right tools, platforms, and infrastructure to support their changing needs is being prioritized by many companies.

CData Connect: The Right Tool

CData Connect Cloud is the best tool for modern data integration in the cloud, as it streamlines data access and eliminates the complexities of integrating with 250+ enterprise data sources, including on-premises and cloud databases. The cloud-first cloud hub offers data connectivity as a service to business users through an easy-to-use, no-code interface. Leverage CData Connect Cloud to integrates all the business applications you use today (like BI, Reporting, ETL, & Integration) with live data from just about anywhere.

Watch the CData Connect video for a brief overview of our code-free data platform that makes it easy to connect, integrate, analyze, and manage all your data from any application or tool.

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