by Matt Springfield | May 02, 2024

Announcing the CData Arc 2024 Release

CData Arc 2024 is here! In the latest version we doubled down on ensuring CData Arc is the most user-friendly EDI and MFT integration platform available. To this end, we overhauled the product’s user interface (UI) to streamline the user experience in three primary areas:

  • Context-aware flow design
  • At-a-glance understanding of flows, connectors, and transactions
  • Searchability and convenience

What’s new with CData Arc

Here’s what our product team has improved in 2024 for CData Arc users:

Context-aware flow design

Arc’s new user interface intuits what you need at any given step when building a flow and provides options that make the most sense within the current context.

Here are a few specific examples of how Arc presents contextually relevant options for your flows:

  • Adding a new connector as an output for an existing connector will automatically link the two connectors in the flow
  • Connector actions like ‘Select’ or ‘Upsert’ are set based on the contextual position in the flow
  • Connectors with the potential for being a starting point or an ending point for a flow will visually separate the options while preserving shared settings

Quickly and easily understand your flows

These UI improvements include surfaced metadata and settings to understand critical aspects of your flows at a glance, including:

  • Trading partner identifiers configured in EDI and MFT connectors
  • Transaction counts, including successes, warnings, and errors
  • When automation settings have deviated from the default
  • Start and end tags for flows

Visibility into these aspects of your connectors helps you navigate and understand your flows without cluttering the screen with information overload. Other strategically chosen bits of data are surfaced as necessary, such as the users permitted to access the current workspace, the flows and views saved within a given workspace, or the full list of workspaces configured in the platform.

Searchability and convenience

CData Arc power users will rely heavily on the ability to search through workspaces, flows, and connector types to access the specific piece of the platform that they need. The Arc UI redesign gives you the ability to begin searching without a search bar in the relevant contexts of the application:

  • Explore available workspaces by selecting the Flows tab and browsing through the list of potential workspaces.
  • Search for connectors or views within a selected workspace
  • Search for connector types when adding new connectors to the flow

Considering the time usually invested in each of these frequently performed tasks in Arc, these improvements provide a tangibly smoother and more efficient experience.

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