CData Software Releases Certified Power BI Connector for CData Connect Cloud

CData Connect Cloud provides frictionless, real-time data access to hundreds of cloud applications, databases, and APIs from within Power BI service

CHAPEL HILL, NC, January 5, 2023 – CData Software, the global leader in real-time data connectivity, today announced the certification of a new Power BI Connector for CData Connect Cloud, expanding access to hundreds of data sources and destinations for Power BI users in the cloud.

Power BI is woven into the fabric of many organizations’ data culture, helping business users make informed, data-driven decisions. CData Connect Cloud makes those decisions even easier to reach with simple access to live data from every popular cloud application, source, and database used across the business.

Certified by Microsoft, the CData Connect Cloud Power BI Connector enables Connect Cloud users to access and analyze more of their disparate cloud data from within their Power BI dashboards. With simplified live access to hundreds of data sources and applications, anyone across an organization can make informed business decisions knowing that they have the most current, reliable information available in Power BI.

“Microsoft business intelligence tools aim to make it easier for everyone to work with their data,” said Bob Zhang, Program Manager, Microsoft Data Integration. “It’s evident that CData shares that vision, and by certifying the CData Connect Cloud Power BI Connector, we are creating further opportunities for teams to access, analyze, and action their data in the cloud and beyond.”

CData Connect Cloud is now available in Power BI service, giving customers the flexibility to publish and refresh live analytics dashboards in the cloud without having to set up a local gateway. The frictionless, cloud-first solution enables data teams and lines of business to get a live snapshot of their data from anywhere, at any time.

“A CData Connect Cloud connector available in will be hugely beneficial to us,” said Joel Paglione, Founder of Picks. “We are currently using Connect Cloud to access our MongoDB data and create visualizations in Power BI. But to publish dashboards to, we are required to manually refresh the data through a local gateway, which limits our flexibility to report on data in real-time. The availability of a Connect Cloud connector in means that we can directly connect to our data source without having to always open the designer’s computer to refresh the reports using on the desktop version of Power BI. It’s a game changer.” 

Designed for the cloud with no installation or special skills required, CData Connect Cloud makes it simple for data analysts and line of business employees to connect all the data across their tech stack for analysis in their tool of choice – on-premises and in the cloud.

“Our customers have been enthusiastic about real-time data connectivity in Power BI service,” said Mike Albritton, Senior VP of Cloud, CData. “We are excited to break down barriers to cloud adoption and give our users the flexibility to access and leverage their data on the go.”

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