Act CRM FireDAC Components

Rapidly create and deploy powerful Delphi & C++Builder Apps that integrate with Act CRM file storage data including Files, Folders, Tasks, Groups, and more!

  • Connect to Act CRM from Rad Studio Data Explorer.
  • Supports real-time connectivity with Act CRM data.
  • Integrate Delphi & C++Builder Apps with Act CRM Companies, Contact, Groups, Opportunities, and more!

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CData FireDAC Components for Act CRM
 Included in FireDAC Subscriptions: 125+ Components for real-time data access.

Extend Delphi & C++Builder Apps with unrivaled data connectivity!

Act CRM FireDAC Components Included in Enterprise & Enterprise PLUS Subscriptions

Get the Act CRM FireDAC Components together with 125+ additional components for SaaS, NoSQL, and Big Data integration! Our components offer the fastest & easiest way to build data driven Apps.

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FireDAC Components in Action

Connecting to Any Data Source is as Easy as Connecting to a Database

Standard FireDAC Components

Just like connecting with a typical RDBMS like MySQL. or SQL Server. Use standard FireDAC components like TDFManager, TDFConnection, TDFQuery, etc.

FDConnection1.Name := 'ActCRMConnection';
FDConnection1.DriverName := 'CData.Fire.ActCRM';
with FDConnection1.Params as     
    TFDPhysCDataActCRMConnectionDefParams do begin


FDConnection1.Connected := true;
FDQuery1.Active := true;
FDQuery1.Open('select * from Companies');


Type SQL, Get Act CRM

The easiest way to build data-centric applications. Write standard SQL queries to interact with Act CRM, just like working with any RDBMS. Supports joins, updates, aggregation, and more.


SELECT Companies.Id, Companies.Name, Companies.Fax,     
  Opportunity.AccountId, Opportunity.CloseDate
FROM Companies
INNER JOIN Opportunity
  ON Companies.Id = Opportunity.AccountId


SELECT Name, AVG(AnnualRevenue) FROM Companies GROUP BY Name


UPDATE Companies SET Name='John' WHERE Id = @myId

Powerful Enterprise features