Demo: Migrate Data from Salesforce to SharePoint

CData Data Providers are development tools that simplify a large variety of tasks. In this demo we will show how you can use the CData data providers to transfer data from one source to another.

Migrating data between sources is made simpler by using the CData data providers, which abstract out vendor-specific APIs into a standard interface. You can use CData data providers to migrate data without relying on third-party servers to host the migration. Mapping columns from source to destination can take as little as a dozen lines of code.

The to SharePoint Migration Assistant demonstrates how CData Data Providers convert data from source to destination. Data migration consists of three basic steps:

  • Enter your credentials
  • Select the tables you want to migrate
  • Map the columns.

Each step can easily be modified to migrate data between any CData Data Providers. Since all the Data Providers use a common interface, changing the source or destinations to something else (e.g., QuickBooks, Google) is a matter of replacing the providers.

In the sample application, every row in the source table is transferred to the destination. Several improvements can be made that make this more robust. As an example it is possible to update the destination with only the most recently modified data in the source. Implementing this is matter of adding a filter to the query used to pull down data from the source. For example:

SELECT * FROM Account WHERE LastModifiedDate > '1/1/2015'