Install a Microsoft Excel Add-In Manually

The CData Excel Add-Ins make new data sources available in Microsoft Excel and enable you to write formulas that use SQL-style database queries. Some Microsoft Excel users may need to follow these steps to manually add the CData Excel Add-In formula engine. This procedure requires administrator access to your machine.

After installing, manually add the CData Formula Engine to Excel:

  1. In Excel, click Options on the File menu. This opens the Excel Options window. On the left pane, click Excel Add-Ins. Select "Excel Add-Ins" from the Manage list. This opens the Add-Ins dialog.
  2. Open the Bin folder in the installation directory for the Add-In and then open the 4.0 subfolder. The default installation directory is C:\Program Files\CData\CData Excel Add-in.
  3. Select Adxloader.CData.ExcelAddIn.dll or Adxloader64.CData.ExcelAddIn.dll. Return to the Add-Ins dialog.
  4. In the Add-Ins available list, select CData Excel Add-In Formula Engine.
  5. In the Excel Options window, the CData Excel Add-in Formula Engine should now be listed under the Active Application Add-Ins list.
  6. When you click Insert Function, you should see the CData functions in the list.