SAP: How to Install a Custom Read Table RFC Function Module

In this entry, you will find the steps how to install the Z_CUSTOM_READ_TABLE function module

Date Entered: 3/20/2020    Last Updated: 3/20/2020    Author: Tedi Kosovrasti

Follow the steps below to use the included custom read-table RFC to bypass limitations with the default RFC_READ_TABLE:

  1. Use the RFC_READ_TABLE function as a template for the new function: Select transaction code SE37 and the SDTX Function Group and copy RFC_READ_TABLE to a new function group or your working function group. In this example, RFC_READ_TABLE is copied to "Z_CUSTOM_READ_TABLE."
  2. On the Attributes tab of the SAP screen, select "Remote Enabled Module."
  3. On the Tables tab, set the DATA parameter to "CHAR8000" (you may need to right-click and then click "Display <-> Change").
  4. On the Source Code tab, paste the example source code for the replacement RFC_READ_TABLE function module located in the "db" subfolder of the installation directory. The code is located in Z_CUSTOM_READ_TABLE.txt. Click Save.
  5. Define the imports, tables, and exceptions as documented in the provided custom read table.
  6. Activate the function module and in your connection string set ReadTableFunction to Z_CUSTOM_READ_TABLE, or the name of your function module.

More information regarding this is available here:

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