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Excel Online Data Cloud Connectivity

Explore a compilation of guides and tutorials demonstrating how to establish connections to Excel Online data through CData Connect Cloud using different applications and tools.

CData Connect Cloud provides access to Excel Online data from popular BI, analytics, ETL, and custom applications. In addition to pre-built client tools, CData Connect Cloud enables direct real-time bi-directional integration from a wide range of cloud applications. Below you will find a list of guides and tutorials for integrating with live Excel Online data.

Connect Cloud Integrations

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Business Intelligence & Analytics

ProductArticle Title
Alteryx DesignerWork with Live Excel Online Data in Alteryx Designer (Connect Cloud)
Amazon QuickSightBuild Interactive Dashboards from Excel Online Data in Amazon QuickSight
Amazon SageMakerIntegrate Live Excel Online data into Amazon SageMaker Canvas
Azure Analysis ServicesModel Excel Online Data Using Azure Analysis Services
Cognos Analytics (On-Prem)Analyze Excel Online Data in Cognos Analytics
Google SheetsAccess Live Excel Online Data in Google Sheets
Infragistics RevealAnalyze Excel Online Data in Infragistics Reval
KlipfolioCreate Excel Online-Connected Visualizations in Klipfolio
LookerAnalyze Excel Online Data in Looker
Looker StudioCreate Reports from Excel Online Data in Looker Studio
MetabaseCreate Interactive Excel Online-Connected Metabase Dashboards
Microsoft ExcelAccess Live Excel Online Data in Excel Desktop
Microsoft Excel for the WebAccess Live Excel Online Data in Excel for the Web
MicroStrategyConnect to Live Excel Online Data in MicroStrategy through Connect Cloud
Mode AnalyticsCreate Excel Online-Connected Visualizations in Mode
Power BI ServiceVisualize Live Excel Online Data in the Power BI Service
Power PivotAccess Excel Online Data in Microsoft Power Pivot
Power QueryAccess Excel Online Data in Microsoft Power Query
Qlik CloudCreate Apps from Excel Online Data in Qlik Sense Cloud
SAP Analytics CloudAnalyze Excel Online Data in SAP Analytics Cloud
SAS ViyaAnalyze Live Excel Online Data in SAS Viya
Tableau CloudBuild Excel Online Visualizations in Tableau Cloud
Zoho AnalyticsCreate Excel Online-Connected Dashboards in Zoho Analytics

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ETL & Replication

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Data Virtualization

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Software Development

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Data Management

ProductArticle Title

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Workflow Automation

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