Connect to Live SugarCRM Data from Anywhere


CData's easy-to-use, drop-in connectivity tools provide access to live SugarCRM data from virtually any BI, analytics, ETL, or custom application, offering customers access to their Sugar data wherever they want. Whether accessing SugarCRM data from Excel, Tableau, PowerBI or Google Sheets, or replicating your SugarCRM data to popular datastores like Snowflake, Google BigQuery or Amazon Redshift, CData's connectivity and integration solutions make it easy.

CData and SugarCRM are partnering to extend the capabilities and usability of Sugar's world class Customer Relationship Management system to our joint customers.

Simplify Reporting, Data Management, and Integration of your SugarCRM Data

Join us for a webinar to learn how CData provides effortless integration and real-time connectivity to SugarCRM data for every stakeholder in an organization, including data forward business users like data analysts, operations managers, IT, and developers.

CData Sr. Technology Evangelist Jerod Johnson and SugarCRM Sr. Director of Application Ecosystem Matt Marum will give you a first-hand look into CData and SugarCRM and discuss how our technologies come together to solve even the most complex business problems. Hear about the benefits of real-time insights, gain inspiration from novel use cases, and see a live demo integrating SugarCRM data for real-time analytics, both in the cloud and on-prem.

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