by Jerod Johnson | November 10, 2017

Data Connectivity with Go

Eight years ago, today, the Go programming language was released as an open source project. Since then the interest in Go has grown by leaps and bounds, launching its way into the 10 most popular languages on GitHub. Go is expressive and efficient, using potent concurrency mechanisms to ease the authoring of programs that make the most of multi-core and networked machines.

To celebrate its 8th turn around the sun, we thought that it would be fun to share some content to help highlight Go's ongoing maturity in integration with other systems. By combining our Linux/Unix ODBC Drivers and the unixODBC driver manager, applications developers using Go can now easily import, export, update, and delete data from any connected data source.

Working with ODBC from Go

To work with your data in Go, simply configure a DSN and execute SQL-92 queries just like any other ODBC data source. We have a Knowledge Base article that walks through configuring the ODBC driver in a Linux-based environment using the unixODBC driver manager and shows how to create a simple Go application for working with live Google BigQuery data.

While the article is specific to connecting to Google BigQuery data, the same principals may be applied when using any of our 90+ SaaS, NoSQL, and Big Data ODBC Drivers.

Executing a SQL Query in Go

//execute a SELECT query and store the rows
rows, err := db.Query("SELECT OrderName, Freight FROM Orders WHERE ShipCity = ?", "New York")

Free Trial & More Information

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