by Jerod Johnson | December 18, 2018

How to Load Data from Netsuite to Snowflake Data Warehouse

In previous articles, we discussed how you can replicate data to Google BigQuery and Amazon S3. In this article, we review the features and benefits of CData Sync as a replication solution for NetSuite users and link to a short tutorial for replicating your NetSuite data to Snowflake, a popular, cloud-based data warehouse.

Why Replication?

For NetSuite users, data replication is a great solution for several scenarios:

  • Conducting data analysis with tools beyond the built-in tools NetSuite offers
  • Working with NetSuite data alongside data from other sources
  • Accessing only a specific subset of your NetSuite data in your tool of choice
  • Using a solution that is sensitive to specific API rate limits or bottlenecks

With CData Sync, you get automated replication of your NetSuite data (no need for manual exports or custom integrations). And with support for the most popular data warehouses and data stores (both on-premises and cloud-based), you can replicate your data wherever you choose.

CData Sync

CData Sync includes connectivity to more than 100 SaaS, big data, and NoSQL sources, both on-premises and in the cloud! The connected sources can be replicated to popular databases and data stores, ranging from SQLite to Azure Cloud SQL, Snowflake and beyond. The data replication can be used to facilitate data migration, operational reporting, data analytics and decision support in BI tools, data archival for disaster recovery, and much more.

NetSuite + Snowflake

With CData Sync, you can replicate NetSuite records to your Snowflake data warehouse in three simple steps.

1. Configure the Connection to NetSuite

2. Configure the Connection to Snowflake

3. Configure the Replication Job

[Optional] Customize the Replication

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For a detailed walk-through of using CData Sync to replicate NetSuite data to Snowflake, read our Knowledge Base article.

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CData Sync allows you to easily load NetSuite data to your Snowflake data warehouse, which opens your data up to the full suite of tools, applications, and platforms capable of performing analytics, ML, and AI on data stored in Snowflake.

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