by CData Software | February 28, 2024

Explore the CData Virtuality SQL AI Assistant

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Check out CData Virtuality’s AI-based feature: The SQL AI Assistant, designed to further simplify data accessibility and usability.

With this GPT-4 integration, non-technical stakeholders, including business analysts, can understand data models more easily without depending on their technical teams. The instantaneous explanations of SQL queries removes the need to go through external documentation or seek additional assistance, boosting productivity for all kinds of users:

  • For seasoned users, the query explainer can help to understand the purpose of SQL queries
  • For those new to CData Virtuality, or those unfamiliar with specific SQL constructs, this feature serves as an onboard mentor. It assists users in understanding SQL queries and their functionalities

To use this feature, simply enable it in Preferences, select the query in the Code Editor, and click on “AI SQL Explain.”

You can view a quick video of our SQL AI Assistant in action below.

Business benefits of the SQL AI Assistant

  • Efficient query development: Users can now decipher complex SQL queries in real-time, resulting in quicker and more effective query development. This can lead to notable time savings and enhanced productivity.
  • Improved query performance: Gleaning insights from ChatGPT enables users to fine-tune their queries which can result in better database performance and shorter processing times—a key aspect for extensive data operations.
  • Empowering business users: Non-technical professionals, such as business analysts, can use the SQL AI Assistant to deepen their understanding of data models. This allows them to make well-informed, data-backed decisions without heavily leaning on their tech counterparts.
  • Enhanced collaboration: ChatGPT bridges the gap between technical and non-technical teams, fostering improved collaboration and synergy among diverse team members.

Security considerations

We know how important security is to our customers, so we’ve made sure our SQL AI Assistant can be switched on or off depending on your security needs, so you can keep your data safe and meet your compliance standards. Moreover, your data will not be shared or used to train AI models, either for OpenAI or for other CData Virtuality customers.

Try the CData Virtuality SQL AI Assistant

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