Connect Amazon QuickSight to Data from Anywhere

Connect your QuickSight reports to real-time data from 100+ enterprise SaaS, NoSQL, and Big Data sources.

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Real-Time SaaS, NoSQL, & Big Data Reporting with Amazon QuickSight

Connect Cloud is a consolidated cloud data connectivity solution that allows you to connect your QuickSight reports to live data from anywhere.


Broad-Spectrum Data Connectivity

Connect QuickSight with Connect Cloud to enable self-service analytics for any kind of accounting, CRM, ERP, marketing automation, or cloud data. Foster better collaboration, productivity, and business outcomes across your entire organization.

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Full Metadata Discovery

Intelligent rowscan, type detection, relationship exploration and support for unstructured data.

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Robust SQL-92 Engine

Rich SQL-92 engine with support for bulk operations, push-down, client functions, and aggregation.

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Unmatched Performance

Optimized performance down to the socket level - our drivers offer unmatched performance.

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Enterprise-Class Security

Advanced security and authentication. Built-in secure TLS / SSL data encryption.

Build Interactive Dashboards Powered By Live Data

Real-Time Reports with CData Connect Cloud in Amazon QuickSight

Under the hood, QuickSight connects with Connect Cloud as if it were a standard relational database or OData service. Each data sources that you connect with will appears to QuickSight like a a new RDBMS data source.

As you develop your reports, QuickSight will generate standard SQL queries for data and pass them to Connect Cloud. Using a highly optimized SQL engine, Connect Cloud translates SQL into API and service calls to interact with any data source in real-time. Easily build visualizations in QuickSight that are powered by live data, without installing any new software or 3rd party connectors.

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