Access QuickBooks Custom Fields in Excel

Update custom fields in QuickBooks using the CData Excel Add-In for QuickBooks.

Date Entered: 11/20/2012    Last Updated: 11/20/2012

You can use the CData Excel Add-In for QuickBooks to retrieve, add, and update your Custom Fields right in Excel.

After retrieving results from a table in QuickBooks, you can manipulate the CustomFields column. In this column custom fields can be retrieved and set in an XML aggregate. Below is an example value for the CustomFields column:

B-Day1/1/65 Spouse's NameTim

In the preceding example, there are two custom fields: one for the B-Day of a spouse and one for the spouse's name. If a Custom Field is empty for a given record, it will not appear in the CustomFields column.

To insert a Custom Field, append a new element identifying the Name of an existing Custom Field in QuickBooks, along with a corresponding Value for the Custom Field.

To update an existing Custom Field, modify the Value of an existing element. To remove a Custom Field, change the Value of the Custom Field to be empty. For example:

See the "Getting Started" chapter in the help documentation for guidance on connecting to QuickBooks and using the CData ribbon to retrieve data.

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