Create Reports from SAP Hybris C4C Data in Google Data Studio

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Use CData Connect Cloud to gain access to live SAP Hybris C4C data and create custom reports in Google Data Studio.

Google Data Studio allows you to create branded reports with data visualizations to share with your clients. When paired with CData Connect Cloud, you get instant, cloud-to-cloud access to SAP Hybris C4C data for visualizations, dashboards, and more. This article shows how to create a virtual database for SAP Hybris C4C and build reports from SAP Hybris C4C data in Google Data Studio.

CData Connect Cloud provides a pure cloud-to-cloud interface for SAP Hybris C4C, allowing you to easily build reports from live SAP Hybris C4C data in Google Data Studio — without replicating the data. As you build visualizations, Google Data Studio generates queries to gather data. Using optimized data processing out of the box, CData Connect Cloud pushes all supported query operations (filters, JOINs, etc) directly to SAP Hybris C4C, leveraging server-side processing to quickly return SAP Hybris C4C data.

This article requires a CData Connect Cloud instance and the CData Connect Cloud Connector for Google Data Studio. Get more information on the CData Connect Cloud and sign up for a free trial at

Connect to SAP Hybris C4C in Connect Cloud

CData Connect Cloud uses a straightforward, point-and-click interface to connect to data sources.

  1. Log into Connect Cloud, click Connections and click Add Connection
  2. Select "SAP Hybris C4C" from the Add Connection panel
  3. Enter the necessary authentication properties to connect to SAP Hybris C4C.

    SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer uses basic authentication. Set the User and Password to your login credentials.

  4. Click Create & Tast
  5. Navigate to the Permissions tab in the Add SAP Hybris C4C Connection page and update the User-based permissions.

With the connection configured, you are ready to connect to SAP Hybris C4C data from Google Data Studio.

Visualize Live SAP Hybris C4C Data in Google Data Studio

The steps below outline connecting to CData Connect Cloud from Google Data Studio to create a new SAP Hybris C4C data source and build a simple visualization from the data.

  1. Log into Google Data Studio, click data sources, create a new data source, and choose CData Connect Cloud Connector.
  2. Click Authorize and allow access to your Google account.
  3. Click Authorize to authenticate with your CData Connect Cloud instance
  4. In the CData Connect Cloud Connector in Google Data Studio select a Connection (e.g. SAPHybrisC4C1) and click Next
  5. Select a Table (e.g. AccountCollection) or use a Custom Query and click Connect to continue
  6. If needed, modify columns, click Create Report, and add the data source to the report.
  7. Select a visualization style and add it to the report.
  8. Select Dimensions and Measures to customize your visualization.

Live Access to SAP Hybris C4C Data from Cloud Applications

Now you have a direct, cloud-to-cloud connection to live SAP Hybris C4C data from your Google Data Studio workbook. You can create more data sources and new visualizations, build reports, and more — all without replicating SAP Hybris C4C data.

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