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Zoho Projects Connectivity Solutions

A list of guides and tutorials for connecting to and working with live Zoho Projects data.

CData Software connectivity tools provide access to live Zoho Projects data from popular BI, analytics, ETL, and custom applications, offering our customers access to their data wherever they want. Below you will find a list of guides and tutorials for integrating with live Zoho Projects data.

Integration Use-Cases

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Business Intelligence & Analytics

ProductTechnologyArticle Title
Amazon QuickSightConnect ServerBuild Interactive Dashboards from Zoho Projects in Amazon QuickSight
Aqua Data StudioJDBCConnect to Zoho Projects in Aqua Data Studio
BirstJDBCBuild Visualizations of Zoho Projects in Birst
BIRTJDBCDesign BIRT Reports on Zoho Projects
Clear AnalyticsODBCBuild Charts with Zoho Projects in Clear Analytics
DBxtraODBCBuild Dashboards with Zoho Projects in DBxtra
DomoODBCCreate Datasets from Zoho Projects in Domo Workbench
Dundas BIODBCBuild Dashboards with Zoho Projects in Dundas BI
FineReportJDBCFeed Zoho Projects into FineReport
Google SheetsConnect ServerAccess Live Zoho Projects in Google Sheets
IBM Cognos BIODBCCreate Data Visualizations in Cognos BI with Zoho Projects
Infragistics RevealConnect ServerAnalyze Zoho Projects Data in Infragistics Reval
JasperServerJDBCCreate Zoho Projects Reports on JasperReports Server
Jaspersoft BI SuiteJDBCConnect to Zoho Projects in Jaspersoft Studio
JReport DesignerJDBCIntegrate with Zoho Projects in JReport Designer
KlipfolioConnect ServerCreate Zoho Projects-Connected Visualizations in Klipfolio
KNIMEJDBCEnable the Zoho Projects JDBC Driver in KNIME
LINQPadADO.NETWorking with Zoho Projects in LINQPad
Looker StudioConnect ServerCreate Reports from Zoho Projects in Looker Studio
MetabaseConnect ServerCreate Interactive Zoho Projects-Connected Metabase Dashboards
Microsoft ExcelExcelExcel Spreadsheet Automation with the QUERY Formula
Microsoft SSASADO.NETBuild an OLAP Cube in SSAS from Zoho Projects
MicroStrategyConnect ServerConnect to Live Zoho Projects in MicroStrategy through Connect Server
MicroStrategyJDBCUse the CData JDBC Driver for Zoho Projects in MicroStrategy
OBIEEJDBCZoho Projects Reporting in OBIEE with the Zoho Projects JDBC Driver
pandasPythonUse pandas to Visualize Zoho Projects in Python
Pentaho Report DesignerJDBCIntegrate Zoho Projects in the Pentaho Report Designer
Power BI DesktopPower BIAuthor Power BI Reports on Real-Time Zoho Projects
Power BI OnlineConnect ServerVisualize Live Zoho Projects in the Power BI Service
QlikViewODBCConnect to and Query Zoho Projects in QlikView over ODBC
RJDBCAnalyze Zoho Projects in R
RapidMinerJDBCConnect to Zoho Projects in RapidMiner
SAP Analytics CloudConnect ServerAnalyze Zoho Projects in SAP Analytics Cloud
SAP Business ObjectsJDBCCreate an SAP BusinessObjects Universe on the CData JDBC Driver for Zoho Projects
SAP Crystal ReportsJDBCPublish Reports with Zoho Projects in Crystal Reports
SASODBCUse the CData ODBC Driver for Zoho Projects in SAS for Real-Time Reporting and Analytics
SisenseJDBCVisualize Live Zoho Projects in Sisense
Spago BIJDBCConnect to Zoho Projects in SpagoBI
Tableau OnlineConnect ServerBuild Zoho Projects Visualizations in Tableau Online
Tableau ServerTableauPublish Zoho Projects-Connected Dashboards in Tableau Server
TableauTableauVisualize Zoho Projects in Tableau Desktop
TIBCO Spotfire ServerJDBCOperational Reporting on Zoho Projects from Spotfire Server
TIBCO SpotfireADO.NETVisualize Zoho Projects in TIBCO Spotfire through ADO.NET
VisioODBCLink Visio Shapes to Zoho Projects

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ETL & Replication

ProductTechnologyArticle Title
Amazon RedshiftCData SyncAutomated Continuous Zoho Projects Replication to Amazon Redshift
Amazon S3CData SyncAutomated Continuous Zoho Projects Replication to Amazon S3
Apache CamelJDBCIntegrate with Zoho Projects using Apache Camel
Apache NiFiJDBCBridge Zoho Projects Connectivity with Apache NiFi
BIMLSSISUse Biml to Build SSIS Tasks to Replicate Zoho Projects to SQL Server
CloverDXJDBCConnect to Zoho Projects in CloverDX (formerly CloverETL)
DatabricksCData SyncAutomated Continuous Zoho Projects Replication to Databricks
FoxProODBCWork with Zoho Projects in FoxPro
Google BigQueryCData SyncAutomated Continuous Zoho Projects Replication to Google BigQuery
Google Cloud SQLCData SyncAutomated Continuous Zoho Projects Replication to Google Cloud SQL
Google Data FusionJDBCBuild Zoho Projects-Connected ETL Processes in Google Data Fusion
HULFT IntegrateJDBCConnect to Zoho Projects in HULFT Integrate
Informatica CloudJDBCIntegrate Zoho Projects in Your Informatica Cloud Instance
Informatica PowerCenterJDBCCreate Informatica Mappings From/To a JDBC Data Source for Zoho Projects
Jaspersoft ETLJDBCConnect to Zoho Projects in Jaspersoft Studio
Microsoft ExcelExcelTransfer Data from Excel to Zoho Projects
Microsoft Power AutomateConnect ServerBuild Zoho Projects-Connected Automated Tasks with Power Automate (Desktop)
Oracle Data IntegratorJDBCETL Zoho Projects in Oracle Data Integrator
Replicate to CSVPowerShellReplicate Zoho Projects to MySQL with PowerShell
SingleStoreCData SyncAutomated Continuous Zoho Projects Replication to SingleStore
SnapLogicJDBCIntegrate Zoho Projects with External Services using SnapLogic
SnowflakeCData SyncAutomated Continuous Zoho Projects Replication to Snowflake
SQL Server Linked ServerConnect ServerConnect to Zoho Projects as a SQL Server Linked Server
TalendJDBCConnect to Zoho Projects and Transfer Data in Talend
UiPath StudioODBCCreate an RPA Flow that Connects to Zoho Projects in UiPath Studio
VerticaCData SyncAutomated Continuous Zoho Projects Replication to a Vertica Database

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Data Virtualization

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Software Development

ProductTechnologyArticle Title
.NET ChartsADO.NETDataBind Charts to Zoho Projects
.NET QueryBuilderODBCRapidly Develop Zoho Projects-Driven Apps with Active Query Builder
Apache SparkJDBCWork with Zoho Projects in Apache Spark Using SQL
AppSheetConnect ServerCreate Zoho Projects-Connected Business Apps in AppSheet
ColdFusionJDBCQuery Zoho Projects in ColdFusion
DashPythonUse Dash & Python to Build Web Apps on Zoho Projects
DevExpressADO.NETDataBind Zoho Projects to the DevExpress Data Grid
EF - Code FirstADO.NETAccess Zoho Projects with Entity Framework 6
EF - LINQADO.NETLINQ to Zoho Projects
EF - MVCADO.NETBuild MVC Applications with Connectivity to Zoho Projects
Filemaker ProJDBCBidirectional Access to Zoho Projects from FileMaker Pro
GoODBCWrite a Simple Go Application to work with Zoho Projects on Linux
Google Apps ScriptConnect ServerConnect to Zoho Projects in Google Apps Script
HibernateJDBCObject-Relational Mapping (ORM) with Zoho Projects Entities in Java
IntelliJJDBCConnect to Zoho Projects in IntelliJ
JBossJDBCConnect to Zoho Projects from a Connection Pool in JBoss
JDBIJDBCCreate a Data Access Object for Zoho Projects using JDBI
JRubyJDBCConnect to Zoho Projects in JRuby
Microsoft Power AppsConnect ServerIntegrate Live Zoho Projects into Custom Business Apps Built in Power Apps
NodeJSConnect ServerQuery Zoho Projects in Node.js (via Connect Server)
NodeJSJDBCQuery Zoho Projects through ODBC in Node.js
PHPODBCNatively Connect to Zoho Projects in PHP
PowerBuilderADO.NETConnect to Zoho Projects from PowerBuilder
PowerShellPowerShellPipe Zoho Projects to CSV in PowerShell
PyCharmODBCUsing the CData ODBC Driver for Zoho Projects in PyCharm
PythonODBCConnect to Zoho Projects in Python on Linux/UNIX
RubyODBCConnect to Zoho Projects in Ruby
RunMyProcessConnect ServerConnect to Zoho Projects in RunMyProcess
ServoyJDBCBuild Zoho Projects-Connected Apps in Servoy
SQLAlchemyPythonUse SQLAlchemy ORMs to Access Zoho Projects in Python
TomcatJDBCConfigure the CData JDBC Driver for Zoho Projects in a Connection Pool in Tomcat
UnqorkConnect ServerCreate Zoho Projects-Connected Applications in Unqork
VCL App (RAD Studio)FireDACBuild a Simple VCL Application for Zoho Projects
WebLogicJDBCConnect to Zoho Projects from a Connection Pool in WebLogic

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Data Management

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Workflow Automation

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