by Eric Madariaga | February 03, 2017

Fujitsu Chooses CData

Through bi-directional data integration between their group global communication portal and incident tracking infrastructure, Fujitsu FSAS leveraged CData Driver technologies to improve application usability and streamline internal corporate knowledge management.

The size and scale of Fujitsu's global operations make corporate knowledge management a major challenge. Data must flow across different internal systems in order to distribute front-line engineering data with the organization's primary communications infrastructure. To facilitate integration, Fujitsu chose to leverage the drivers from CData to seamlessly connect their Microsoft Dynamic CRM incident tracking system with their SharePoint-based global communications portal.

"We liked that any engineers with RDBMS/SQL knowledge could use the CData Drivers without having to learn anything new. Being able to use standard SQL instead of APIs is awesome. As professional engineers, we actually prefer simpler products like CData." -- Takayuki Kobayashi, Manager, Fujitsu FSAS

Mr. Kobayashi's observations highlight some major benefits of using Drivers instead of writing code against individual APIs. Not only do our drivers enable rapid integration between systems, but they also reduce overall complexity, leading to systems that are easier to use and far less costly to maintain.

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