by Kim Kaluba | May 17, 2022

Expand Your Possibilities in Power Apps with CData Connect Cloud

We’re excited to announce support for real-time bi-directional integration with CData Connect Cloud from Microsoft Power Apps. PowerApps is a leading no-code platform that allows users to build custom business applications without custom software development.

While Microsoft provides an array of data connectors within Power Apps, there are often business cases when additional integrations are necessary to support broader enterprise use cases.

That’s where CData Connect Cloud comes in.

Watch this short demo:

Going Beyond Native Connectivity

Organizations leverage dozens of applications, systems, and databases across their business. It often feels impossible to find connectivity to all of the data you need to access without custom code or additional IT resources.

CData bridges the gap between the connectivity available natively within Power Apps and the applications and systems missing connectors out-of-the-box. For example, CData Connect Cloud supports connections into Snowflake, Couchbase, MongoDB, and NetSuite, to name a few.

CData Connect Cloud is a cloud-native data platform that provides instant, always-on access to 100+ data sources and applications directly within Power Apps. This allows Power Apps users to bring data from any source into Power Apps to build powerful real-time applications.

Bi-Directional Data Flow

Work with your data wherever and whenever you need it. CData Connect Cloud provides bi-directional data exchange and read/write capabilities between your source system and Power Apps. This means you never have to work with stale or outdated data in Power Apps.

Read our Knowledge Base article to learn how to integrate live Snowflake data into custom applications built in Power Apps.

To get started with CData Connect Cloud and Power Apps, download a free 30-day trial of Connect Cloud today.

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