by Kim Kaluba | May 17, 2022

Connect Your Data Directly to Excel with CData Connect Cloud

For decades, Excel has been a vital part of business processes – and it’s here to stay. Business units across every industry leverage spreadsheets and reports in Excel for project management, data science and analysis, and financial reporting, and more. Now with CData Connect Cloud, you can instantly visualize and work with all your organizational data directly within Excel.

We're proud to announce that CData Connect Cloud now offers a Microsoft-certified Excel Add-In. CData Connect Cloud supports Excel Online, Windows, and Mac versions of Excel, giving you access to your data from wherever you interact with Excel.

Frictionless, Real-Time Data For all Your Excel Needs

Connect Cloud’s instant, always-on access to 100+ data sources and applications ensures that you have the most current data available for your Excel reports. With nothing to install or code, and no lengthy implementation timelines, you can get started in minutes using the data you want inside of Excel.

Watch this short demo:

Say Farewell to Copy and Paste

Real-time, seamless access to data removes the burden of copying and pasting data into Excel. Simply connect to your data source and watch your data instantly populate your spreadsheet or report in real-time.

If, for example, you wanted to create a report using data stored in Snowflake. Simply select ‘Get Data’ from the Connect Cloud menu ribbon and choose ‘From Snowflake’ to easily import tables and columns into Excel. The spreadsheet will be linked with Snowflake and can be refreshed with live data at any time.

Easily Work with Unstructured Data

Getting unstructured and non-relational data into Excel is no longer a challenge. Connect Cloud intelligently creates a relational schema by inspecting a series of documents and populates the Excel table – all without writing a single line of code or doing table adjustments.

Financial Reporting in Real-Time

CData Connect Cloud doesn’t require users to code, making it easy for line of business employees to set up their own connections and easily work with their data in Excel. Empower your business to build holistic, accurate reports without burdening IT for support with their data pipeline. In just a few minutes, users can connect NetSuite, QuickBooks, Sage, FreshBooks, and any other accounting data with Excel and eliminate the need for manual data entry.

Secure Access and Encryption

Your data is always secure with Connect Cloud. Our user-based controls ensure that IT can easily govern who can select, read, write, delete, insert, and export secure data. Built-in TLS/SSL data encryption guarantees data is moving from source to Excel securely and safely.

To start unlocking the full potential of your Excel environment today without the pain of copying and pasting sign up for your free trial of CData Connect Cloud today.

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