by Kim Kaluba | February 14, 2022

Fall in Love with the All New CData Connect Cloud

February is all about love, so why not use this time to tell you that CData has been working on something very special? We are excited to introduce the next generation of CData Connect Cloud, launching in March 2022! We've taken customer feedback on our single tenant cloud integration platform and brought it to this new release, offering you more usability and governability, easier setup, faster configuration, and much more.

We've fallen in love with this new version, and we know you will too!

Join us March 17th for a fireside chat with VP of Enterprise Products Mike Albritton and CPO Manish Patel to discover our vision for CData Connect Cloud and get a first-look demo!

What is CData Connect Cloud

CData Connect Cloud is a cloud-native data connectivity solution that provides real-time access to all your cloud data to support BI and analytics, customer success, accounting, operations, and other business initiatives with no coding or special skills required. This next-generation SaaS offering unleashes the power of your cloud data regardless of location, structure, or system, to empower lines of business to derive business insights and value from their data.

What's to love about CData Connect Cloud?

The new CData Connect Cloud is designed in the cloud for the cloud, providing frictionless access and connectivity to all your data, regardless of location, structure, or system. We refer to this as Data Connectivity as a Service (DCaaS).

Business users can easily create connections to your most-loved applications in just minutes – no installation, configuration, or extensive IT involvement required. Simply log in using single sign-on (SSO), choose your connections, and you're ready to go! Now, you have all your cloud data where you want it, when you need it. Leveraging DCaaS services in CData Connect Cloud, users can benefit from:

  • Real-time cloud data access: Ensure data values are consistent and current across your cloud environment.
  • Always-on data: Reduce data latency across cloud data sources without relying on arduous ETL, or data movement processes.
  • Single sign-on: Access all your connections to cloud and on-premises sources with one simple step.
  • Standardized on SQL: As with all CData products, CData Connect Cloud speaks the language you know and love – SQL – regardless of data structure or type.
  • Simple and predictable pricing model: Safeguard your budget with user-based license fees. No fancy math is needed to predict your costs based on table size, record counts, data exporting limits, etc.

Ready for some CData Connect Cloud Love?

CData Connect Cloud will be generally available in March. However, if you find that you can't wait to experience the benefits, we are offering a sneak peek for select customers. To sign up for a private preview today and experience the love for yourself, please connect with our CData integration specialists.

Learn more about brand-new features, our product roadmap, and our future vision for Data Connectivity as a Service in our March 17th fireside chat! Sign up today.