by Jerod Johnson | September 24, 2019

How to Expand Bold BI Connectivity with CData Connect Cloud

Bold BI is an online solution for creating, managing, and sharing interactive business dashboards. When paired with CData Connect, customers can use Bold BI to build responsive dashboards with access to live data from dozens of SaaS, Big Data, and NoSQL data sources. Connect creates a virtual MySQL database for each connected data source that is easily and intuitively accessible from Bold BI.

This post provides a brief overview of connecting to and visualizing NetSuite data in Bold BI. Check out our knowledge base article for a more in-depth walk-through.

Creating a virtual database

The first step in connecting to your data from Connect Cloud is creating a connection for your data source.

To configure your connection:

  1. Log into CData Connect Cloud
  2. Navigate to the Connections page
  3. Click ‘Add Connection’
  4. Choose your data source

Once you have created the virtual database, connecting to your data from Bold BI is as simple as using the built-in CData Connector.

Visualizing NetSuite data in Bold BI

Use CData Connect Cloud to connect to live NetSuite data and create custom, interactive dashboards in Bold BI.

Configure the connection to Connect Cloud

The CData connection in Bold BI uses the Connect Cloud TDS endpoint.

  1. Set Database Engine to ‘SQL Server’ and Server name to ‘’
  2. Port to 14333 username to your Connect Cloud username and password to your Connect Cloud PAT (personal access token)

Select table(s) to visualize

Drag and drop the table to the workspace.

Customize the dashboard

Drag widgets into the Dashboard Designer and assign dimensions and measures.

Share the dashboard

Grant access permissions to the appropriate stakeholders in your organization to give them access to live analytics on business data.

Read the knowledgebase article

Live, interactive dashboards in Bold BI

CData Connect Cloud gives you a live, virtual MySQL database for all of your enterprise data, no matter where it is. Get a free trial of Connect Cloud today.