by Andrew Petersen | April 29, 2024

CData Sync Cloud launch brings powerful ETL connectivity and predictable pricing to SaaS data pipelines

CData Sync Cloud

Most cloud data pipeline tools have a lot of similarities, including the same surface-level connections and unpredictable volume-based pricing.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new approach by bringing CData Sync to the software-as-a-service (SaaS) market. CData Sync Cloud is built on the best-in-class data connectors that have powered Sync on-premises since 2017 and used by more than 500 organizations.

Robust data drivers are the heart of CData's product offerings – the same connectivity technology that power third-party integrations for the likes of Google and Salesforce. Thousands of customers trust CData to connect their business data and consistently maintain 300+ connectors and keep up to date with partner APIs.

Manhattan Associates benefits from predictable integration with CData Sync

Sync customers see the benefit of these meticulously engineered connectors. Anthony Neu, senior data analytics manager at supply chain firm Manhattan Associates, previously used another ETL vendor in his attempt to replicate operations data from Jira. With 200+ custom Jira fields, Neu needed to be able to get complete datasets into SQL Server for reliable analysis.

But the tool couldn’t replicate all the custom fields, leaving Neu in a bind. The software also had rigid requirements that caused Neu’s replication jobs to bring over project history elements from Jira that he didn’t need to move. And because he was paying “per row,” the unwanted data was also wasting money.

“I was tired of burning through credits for data that I didn’t want or need,” Neu said. “I got stressed with the volume pricing around what the units are and when are they used. It was very easy to make a mistake and, in turn, receive a large bill.

“We have something now that is very cost effective with CData.”

Just as with Sync on-premises, Sync Cloud charges users based on the number of data connections they require, not the volume of data they replicate. This is a distinct contrast from most of the cloud ETL market, which has moved almost exclusively to volume-based pricing in the past few years. CData believes organizations should be incentivized to grow their data consumption habits, not become victims of their own success.

Too often, organizations struggle to cope with escalating costs, a significant factor prompting Neu's transition to Sync. His previous vendor’s contract grew 400% in a few years, making it untenable to replicate the 500 million rows of data Manhattan Associates requires each month.

Sync’s pricing is inherently predictable and transparent, only increasing if customers need to add more connections, which they can control and plan for. With a single fixed-price license purchase, customers like Manhattan Associates maintain cost consistency throughout their contract duration, irrespective of the volume of data rows replicated.

As Neu quickly discovered, Sync’s pricing model came with more connector flexibility and functionality, not less. The CData Sync Jira connector seamlessly handled all of Neu's custom fields, enabled the removal of unnecessary historical data, and spared Neu the need to directly interact with Jira's API.

“I don't want to think about things I don’t have to think about,” Neu said “I want a thing that does what it does and does it beautifully. That’s Sync.”

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