by Alex Pauncz | November 27, 2019

CData Awards Entrepreneurs Shaping the Future of Data at WingArc Datalympic 2019

The WingArc Forum is the premier data-centric conference in Japan, bringing together more than 5,000 participants across dozens of industries and the data solutions ecosystem.

Taking place at the Prince Tower Tokyo on November 22, 2019, the WingArc Forum incorporated a hackathon, Datalympic, for entrepreneurs looking to shape the future of data. Throughout the hackathon, CData Drivers and WingArc's signature MotionBoard BI, reporting and data analytics platform were made available to competing teams, who leveraged MotionBoard and CData Driver Technologies to create innovative new business solutions.

CData Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Tomas Restrepo proudly presented the award for most innovative data solution to the winning team:

CData provides data connectivity to more than 200 data sources in a tabular form that MotionBoard can easily access. Drivers take care of complex authentication, modeling, and query capabilities. Data sources include popular global SaaS solution providers, as well as data sources specific to the Japanese market like kintone, PCA, and Smaregi.

Outside of the Datalympic competition, WingArc and CData Software have also teamed up to bring ubiquitous data connectivity to MotionBoard, Japan's most popular BI tool (#1 in Japanese market share).

As a CData partner, WingArc has embedded JDBC Drivers into MotionBoard, providing MotionBoard customers with blazing-fast data access to 150+ global and Japanese data sources for analysis, including ERPs, CRM systems, AI tools, marketing automation platforms, and more.

CData Software is proud to support the future of data and entrepreneurship alongside WingArc and will continue to deepen its partnership with Japan's top BI solutions provider.