Tag: Reverse ETL

CData Sync Q1 2024 Release
February 02, 2024

Announcing the CData Sync Q1 2024 Release

by Jaclyn Wands

Our CData Sync Q1 2024 release brings exciting new features that further simplify and enhance your data management experience.

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Reverse ETL
January 30, 2024

Reverse ETL: Accessing Data from Your Data Warehouse in Salesforce

by Jerod Johnson

Whether an organization needs to replicate warehouse data directly to Salesforce or needs live access to their data in Salesforce without replication, CData is here to help. Use CData Sync for reverse ETL or use CData Connect Cloud to solve the reverse ETL problem without replicating the data.

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July 22, 2021

Reverse ETL with Salesforce and SQL Server

by Haley Burton

As data usage grows many organizations turn to data warehousing in order to consolidate data for analytics, reporting, governance and decision support. Modern warehousing solutions are flexible, faster, more scalable, and more economical than ever before. But data warehousing is not witho...

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