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CData Sync Q1 2024 Release
February 02, 2024

Announcing the CData Sync Q1 2024 Release

by Jaclyn Wands

Our CData Sync Q1 2024 release brings exciting new features that further simplify and enhance your data management experience.

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Data JOINS blog image
November 15, 2023

Using Transformations to JOIN Data After Replications (in SQL Server)

by Dibyendu Datta

See how to use CData Sync to replicate multiple tables from a data source into SQL Server, then transform those datasets with the JOIN clause – a technique extensively employed across various industries to analyze data.

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August 29, 2023

CData Sync Summer 2023 Release: An Enterprise Focus Delivers Easier Setup and More Control

by Deb Cobb

The CData Product team has launched the latest release of CData Sync, and we're excited to share all the new features and improvements with you! In this release, we focused on building out many key enterprise features that offer more granular control over implementations and speed deployment.

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May 12, 2023

Q&A with Director of Product Management Jaclyn Wands: The Voice of the Customer Defines the User Experience for CData Sync

by Haley Burton

The CData team has been hard at work on the latest CData Sync release, part of our ongoing efforts to improve the Sync user experience and user interface (UX/UI). Jaclyn Wands, Director of Product for CData Sync, talked with us about the major improvements the team has made to create an intuitive, seamless experience for our enterprise users.

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Sync's New UI
May 08, 2023

What's New: Sync's New UI and Expanded Connectivity

by Deb Cobb

The latest release of CData Sync delivers a data integration tool that increases efficiency and offers broader hybrid cloud connectivity capabilities.

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April 10, 2023

Build & Maintain Your Hybrid Cloud with CData Sync

by Jerod Johnson

Replicating your on-premises or private data to a cloud storage system takes three basic steps: connecting to the data source, connecting to the data destination, and configuring the replication job. In this article, we'll show how to use CData Sync to set up and maintain a hybrid cloud data storage system.

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April 06, 2023

7 Steps to Creating a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

by Deb Cobb

Creating a hybrid cloud strategy is no easy endeavor. Because hybrid clouds mix and share resources and services from two or more computing environments, they rely on integration and orchestration capabilities to coordinate data movement, sharing, and synchronization. Formulating a plan for your hybrid cloud is critical for a successful implementation.

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April 03, 2023

SingleStore and CData are Helping Clients Find New Insights into Company Data

by CData Software

Technology partnerships like SingleStore and CData allow our shared customers to get the most out of their data and to concentrate on how to best apply new insights and stay ahead in this rapidly evolving business landscape.

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March 29, 2023

What is the Value of Hybrid Cloud?

by Deb Cobb

Modern data stacks present options for companies to design a best-fit hybrid technology ecosystem using a hand-selected mix of tools that meet their needs today while building in the scalability necessary to achieve their goals in the future.

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