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  • Million Row Challenge: BigQuery & Redshift

    by Eric Madariaga | October 31, 2017

    Million Row Challenge: BigQuery Redshift We have already demonstrated that our drivers are unmatched when it comes to read performance, especially when working with large data sets. However, many of our customers use enterprise ETL or Data Warehousing solutions and require high-performance... [read more]

  • Leading Edge NoSQL & Big Data Drivers

    by Eric Madariaga | October 03, 2016

    Leading Edge NoSQL Big Data Drivers In addition to the new SQL engine , our teams have updated our NoSQL and Big Data drivers with a rich set of features that truly put them in a class of their own. The new drivers offer the utmost in flexibility when accessing data, allowing users to acce... [read more]

  • SQL Access to Apache Cassandra

    by Jerod Johnson | April 14, 2016

    The Apache Cassandra database provides its users scalability, high availability, fault tolerance, and linear scalability without sacrificing performance. By using any of the CData Drivers for Apache Cassandra , you can access your Apache Cassandra data using SQL to read from and write to ... [read more]

  • Simplified Access to Google BigQuery

    by Jerod Johnson | April 07, 2016

    With BigQuery, Google allows its users to upload and query extensive data sets utilizing their powerful processing power, removing the need for creating and maintaining the needed hardware and infrastructure in-house. By using any of the CData Google BigQuery drivers , you are able to tap... [read more]

  • Standards-Based Drivers for MongoDB

    by Jerod Johnson | March 31, 2016

    MongoDB is a leading example of NoSQL, Big Data storage. They allow users to store different documents in a single source, providing flexibility to developers as their data models grow and change. The CData Drivers for MongoDB allow you to interact with your data in MongoDB as if it were ... [read more]