Unified access to all your cloud data

Introducing Data Virtualization for the Cloud.

CData Connect Cloud provides governed access to hundreds of cloud applications, databases, and warehouses for live data consumption and analysis with your favorite tools.

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Why data virtualization for the cloud

Ideal for quickly combining and delivering critical data for analytics, data virtualization (DV) provides live, federated data access to traditional databases, big data sources, and cloud applications within a single interface. But traditional DV tools often fall short with complex setups, lengthy deployment cycles, poor scalability, and limited SaaS connectivity.

It's time for data virtualization for the cloud.


Access and merge cloud data in real-time

Create a unified logical access layer for all cloud data without moving data to a warehouse.​


Get started in just a few clicks​

Get started quickly within a fully-managed cloud interface — no installation, updates, or hardware required.


Elastic scale & performance​

Elastic cloud computing infrastructure provides dependable performance with automatic scaling.


Govern cloud data access​​

Centrally govern, secure, and monitor access to cloud applications.

Accelerate your cloud data strategy with CData Connect Cloud

Live insights across every cloud application

Connect instantly to your favorite cloud apps and data solutions without installing software. CData simplifies the complexity by providing a consistent interface regardless of the source system. Get direct, live connectivity to any app, like Salesforce, SharePoint, and Workday, or data solution, like BigQuery, MongoDB, Snowflake, S3, and Databricks. And for any additional sources, you can use the API connector to create data connections in minutes without coding.

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Live insights
Easy access

Easy access to the tools you love​

Effortlessly access and explore data directly from your favorite tools and platforms.

  • Purpose-built native clients for Power BI, Tableau, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Looker Studio, AWS Glue, Python, and more​
  • SQL Server virtualization for dozens of other cloud tools including Looker, Amazon QuickSight, Qlik Sense, SAP Analytics Cloud, Microsoft Power Apps, and more​
  • Standards-based connectors for IT, developers, and data scientists, including JDBC, ODBC, and ADO.NET​​
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Centrally govern and secure enterprise cloud data access

With CData Connect Cloud, your organization can efficiently manage access to all cloud data from a single, high-performance, elastic platform that provides robust security and auditing capabilities. And, with granular user permissions, stakeholders can only access or modify the data they are authorized for in each source system.

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Easy access

Get started in minutes

Get connected to all of your data in 3 easy steps:


1. Create your data connection

The CData Connect Cloud platform is designed for business. To get started, log into Connect Cloud and select one of the supported cloud applications, databases, data warehouses, or other integrations.

As a native cloud application, the platform follows standard patterns for secure cloud connectivity by supporting user-based oAuth authentication wherever possible. As a result, connecting to your desired source is typically as easy as logging into the data source's web interface.


2. Define user access permissions

Once users have created a data connection, they have the ability to define granular security controls for the data that will be made available to external clients.


3. Connect from any application or tool

After configuring data connections, users can connect to these data sources from almost any application or tool in real-time.

CData Connect Cloud includes support for standard web connections like REST and OData and database connectivity - allowing connections to appear just like a relational SQL Server database to any client.

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Support critical data management initiatives

Move business applications, databases, and warehouses to the cloud, add a new platform that requires enterprise access, or support broader modernization initiatives like data fabric and data mesh for improved reporting.

Allow cross-functional teams to leverage and share data across all the different applications and reporting tools they need to solve their unique business problems.​

Virtual Datasets

Run ad-hoc reports using live data from disparate cloud tools directly within any reporting tool — without accessing that data from a warehouse. Ex. create a dashboard based on data from Pardot campaigns, opportunity data from Salesforce, or employee data from Workday.

Popular Client Applications

Data scientists and business users can now quickly browse data models, run basic queries, explore interrelated data, and create curated data views with isolated fields for their unique reports and analytics.

Enable IT to manage all data connections and data consumers across the organization. Instead of distributing connections across multiple servers for many users, each connection and user are managed from a single location..

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CData Connect Cloud powers data strategy initiatives for top organizations

Belden Supports Growing Marketing Requests by Centralizing Data Access in the Cloud

“CData Connect Cloud connects our Tableau to Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Salesforce. Now we’ve also got connectors set up for Pardot, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And I have all these things all in one place with no upkeep on my end.”

— Paul Summitt
Belden D&A IT Supervisor

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Technical features

Connect to hundreds of cloud applications and services - including CRM, ERP, marketing, accounting, collaboration, project management, and social tools - to data storage solutions.

Consume data hassle-free within your preferred BI and reporting tools, no-code app, ETL platform, or developer tool.

Keep track of all connections, queries, users, permission levels, logs, and account settings in a centralized, user-friendly dashboard providing a bird's eye view of all your essential activities.

Create and manage queries, browse data source data models, create derived views, and use custom and pre-defined reports from an intuitive interface.

Relax knowing elastic cloud computing infrastructure scales automatically as you add new users and data sources. No software to install and maintain. The platform was built to utilize native client interfaces where possible.

Ensure secure access to the platform with role-based access control, user-defined access to data sources, and support for data source-level permissions. Only authorized individuals can access specific data sources.

Create a unified view of data in a comprehensive data model without the complexities of defining data structures, relationships, and mapping between various elements. Robust metadata discovery automatically captures and provides information about structure, attributes, and characteristics, making it easy for users to understand and access.

Access any data source through a consistent relational model built on SQL-based connectivity (SQL-92 compliant). Connect to any data just like you would a simple database. Full read/write capabilities for CRUD support.

Seamlessly connect to RESTful APIs with a standardized and consistent interface that connects to cloud services, web applications, social media platforms, and other API-based data sources. Learn more about custom API integration with the Connect Cloud API Connector.

Leverage the built-in virtual data catalog to improve data discovery, data sharing and operations. Organize data into workspaces and folders using virtual datasets to streamline analysis and reporting.

Get started with CData Connect Cloud today