Using CData JDBC Drivers from IntelliJ IDEA

The CData JDBC Driver for Salesforce enables you to access Salesforce as a JDBC data source, providing integration with rapid development tools in IDEs. This article shows how to use the data source configuration wizard to connect to Salesforce data in IntelliJ.

Create a JBDC Data Source for Salesforce

Follow the steps below to add the driver JAR and define connection properties required to connect to Salesforce.

  1. In the Data Sources window, right-click and then click Add Data Source -> DB Data Source.
  2. In the Data Source Properties dialog that appears, the following properties are required:

    • JDBC Driver Files: Click the button next to this menu to add the JDBC Driver file cdata.jdbc.salesforce.jar, located in the installation directory.
    • JDBC Driver Class: In this menu, select cdata.jdbc.salesforce.SalesforceDriver from the list.
    • Database URL: Enter the connection URL in the JDBC URL property. The URL must start with jdbc:salesforce: and includes connection properties separated with semicolons. A typical JDBC URL is the following:

Edit and Save Salesforce Data

To discover schema information, right-click the data source you just created and click Refresh Tables. To query a table, right-click it and then click Open Tables Editor. You can also insert, update, or delete records in the Table Editor.