Embedded Web Server (.NET) - Potential Medium Security Vulnerability

CData is aware of a potential security issue that affects customers of CData applications who are running on Windows and using the .NET Embedded Web Server.

Date Entered: 06/13/2023    Last Updated: 06/13/2023


A potential medium security vulnerability has been identified that could force the application to serve files outside of the web server's "www" directory, potentially leading to requests being sent to a server of the attacker's choosing. A successful exploit of this vulnerability would require:

  • An attacker already possessing valid credentials to log into the application.
  • An attacker possessing knowledge of the file system or network infrastructure, in order to know how to properly form the request to target a file or network resource.
  • The application being hosted in the .NET Embedded Web server.
  • The application's process being run with an identity that would have access to the requested file.


The CData Security Team has investigated this as a high-priority issue and has updated the Windows/.NET editions of all potentially affected products. The fix for this issue has been applied to the following builds:

If you are using a previous version of any of the listed applications, please upgrade to the latest release.

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