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Google BigQuery JDBC Driver

Rapidly create and deploy powerful Java applications that integrate with Google BigQuery data including Tables and Datasets.

Use standard data access components in KNIME to create charts and reports with BigQuery data.

One of the strengths of the CData JDBC Driver for BigQuery is its cross-platform support, enabling integration with major BI tools. Follow the procedure below to access BigQuery data in KNIME and to create a chart from BigQuery data using the report designer.

Define a New JDBC Connection to BigQuery Data

  1. Go to File -> Preferences -> KNIME -> Databases
  2. Click Add File and add the cdata.jdbc.googlebigquery.jar. The driver JAR file is located in the lib subfolder of the installation directory.
  3. Click Find driver classes
  4. Set the ID and the Name of the connection (you can set any values you prefer for these fields as they are not restricted)
  5. Set the URL template. A typical JDBC URL is provided below: jdbc:googlebigquery:DataSetId=MyDataSetId;ProjectId=MyProjectId;InitiateOAuth=GETANDREFRESH
  6. For assistance in constructing the JDBC URL, use the connection string designer built into the BigQuery data JDBC Driver. Either double-click the JAR file or execute the jar file from the command-line.

    java -jar cdata.jdbc.googlebigquery.jar

    Additionally, please refer to our documentation to learn more about Connection Properties

  7. Click OK to close the configuration section.
  8. Under Node Repository go to DB -> Connection -> drag and drop DB Connector. Double-click on it and change the driver name to the driver you just configured, in this case, BigQuery (ID: BigQuery). The Database URL should change automatically.
  9. Click Apply and OK to save changes.
  10. Right-click on the connector and select Execute. You will see that the connector will allow you to redirect to the browser where you will need to log in and allow access. After that, you will get connected successfully.
  11. Now you can go to the Read/Write section in Node Repository and get a DB Query Reader, to be able to execute a query.

  12. Double-click on your DB Query Reader and click the refresh button to load the metadata. Create an SQL Statement and click Evaluate. After clicking Evaluate you will be able to see the records requested. To learn more about the tables/views that are listed in our driver please refer to our Data Model.

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