Secure ODBC Remoting

A secure ODBC proxy for remote data access. On-premise, or across the firewall

With SQL Gateway, your ODBC data sources look and behave like a standard SQL Server or MySQL database. Connect to data from BI, ETL, or Analytics Apps across your local network, or from the Cloud.

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Diagram of a Secure ODBC Proxy for Remote Data Access to Connect to ODBC Data from BI, ETL, SQL Linked Server or Cloud via SQL Gateway


ODBC Remoting & Cloud Integration

The CData SQL Gateway includes a host of powerful features for easily enabling secure remote access to data from Apps, databases, and code.

SQL & MySQL Remoting Icon

SQL & MySQL Remoting

Connect to local ODBC data sources remotely from any SQL or MySQL Client: Linked Servers, BI, ETL, etc.
Cloud Connectivity Icon

Cloud Connectivity

Secure Reverse Tunneling capabilities enable users to expose real-time data across the firewall.
Data Source Icon

Any Data Source

Binds to any CData ODBC Driver — SaaS, NoSQL, RDBMS, APIs, file formats, and more.
Secure Communications Icon

Secure Communications

Secure communications enabled through strong SSL/TLS security & Digital Certificates.
Multi-user Access Control Icon

Multi-user Access Control

Straightforward user-level access controls with fine-grained control of access and permissions.
Logging Icon

Detailed Logging

Advanced connection logging capabilities with configurable output verbosity.


Expose Data for Remote Access

The CData SQL Gateway can be configured to connect with any pre-configured system DSNs and expose those data sources as entry-points for remote access. The App looks and behaves like an instance of SQL Server or MySQL server to any client that connects to it, accepting incoming SQL and MySQL client connections and servicing standard requests.

With the SQL Gateway, users can interact with one or more ODBC data sources from any client that supports SQL or MySQL: from web & mobile applications, to CRM and CMS systems, BI tools like SQL Server Analysis Services, and even through popular management applications like MySQL Workbench.

With CData SQL Gateway you can:

  • Connect from BI & ETL Tools - Expose remote data connectivity to popular tools like SQL Server Analysis Services.
  • Connect from code - Use one of the standard client libraries for accessing SQL/MySQL from .NET, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, etc.
  • Configure SQL Linked Servers - Configure a linked server to enable SQL Server to federate queries across data stores [learn more].


On-premise data from the Cloud

CData SQL Gateway includes powerful reverse tunneling functionality that enables users to easily and securely make on-premise data accessible across the firewall. Configure the 'Gateway' feature, and the SQL Gateway will connect to a remote host and create a secure SQL or MySQL entry-point for on-premise data.

Use CData SQL Gateway to:

  • Expose On-premise Data across the Firewall - Create secure entry-points for on-premise data accessible from outside of the local network.
  • Connect to On-premise Data from the Cloud - Connect Cloud BI, Reporting, & Analytics applications to on-premise data sources.


CData ODBC Drivers

Connect to 200+ ODBC Data Sources

All of the CData Software Drivers can seamlessly interact with the CData SQL Gateway. In fact, the SQL Gateway is automatically included as part of the CData ODBC Driver installer, and can be enabled based on the purchased license.

CDATA ODBC Drivers  

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